Can’t Stop the Music

I am a believer in the theory that things don’t happen by accident and chance plays no part and this seems to have been proven to me when certain ‘coincidences’  clustered together this weekend.

On Friday I went to hear Traveller Blues Band. Whilst a large part of their music is blues there is also an element in the music that Whiskey writes which I find particularly attractive that expresses political and emotional experiences. This type of protest song obviously takes me back to my youth when people like Joan Baez, Tom Paxton and Pete Seeger who wrote and sang “Bring Em Home” for the soldiers in Vietnam were widely accepted.   In today’s PC society it is frowned on should anyone dare to openly make such comments.   But couple these with a good tune and you can get away with saying what many of us really feel.   The haunting Waste Land better known as Why?, with the poignant words The terror fights for glory /The soldiers they get none is a typical example of Traveller protesting. Their latest song Black Veil was aired for the first time on Friday.  It doesn´t take too much imagination to know where this one is leading but even the most ‘conservative’ members of the audience were tapping their feet to the music.

Fast forward to Saturday morning I was reading an article that said for five years under Taliban rule music was banned in Afghanistan. US Special Forces fought this with a novel weapon; an armoured vehicle with powerful speakers that blasted out heavy metal and rock music so loudly it could be heard 2K away and just last month Taliban extremists were trying to ban all western music again.

Then Bam !!! into my mailbox landed this photo

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This is a real soldier, fighting a real war in Afghanistan, that is not a toy in the back of his pants, and he is wearing a Traveller Blues Band “Dead or Alive” t-shirt.  How apt is the logo for our boys in the line of fire.

I like to think he is making his own statement to the Taliban –“You Can’t Stop the Music”

Extract from The World Can Sing – music and lyrics Traveller Blues Band
…. and the words that we sing from inside
shed a light on the worlds troubled times
if we all come together and sing
put down the guns stop killing things
the world can sing
the world can sing

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4 Responses to Can’t Stop the Music

  1. kate says:

    Traveller are not only a fantastic live band, just got there cd and it hasn’t left the player since we got it.

  2. Adam – Traveller Blues Band are at the Tajinaste Restaurant, Los Gigantes this Friday 15th, but if you would like to keep up to date with where they are check out their website You can also join their mailing list from here and you will get a Newsletter giving you lots of information as to what they are up to as well as venues they are playing

  3. Adam says:

    Really like the way y0u have put this together, The Traveller Blues Band sound very interesting, I thought they would be the norm a few blokes and strumming along to backing tracks….where are they playing next RQ?

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