Traveller Blues Band open Atlantic Bar in Playa San Juan – Tenerife

Ever since new sand was imported a couple of years ago the small town of Playa San Juan has had a growing tourist market but still retains its Spanish roots. There are two beaches one natural and one golden and the tides in this stretch of coast make for excellent swimming. The promenade is beautiful with pergolas and flower beds overflowing with colour, the stylish wooden beach chairs, and the candy striped changing booths gave it a nice overall look. Playa San Juan has a good mix of ex pats and Canarians, not a wild night out resort, at least until last night.

Anyone who has visited the town will probably remember seeing the German Potato Club on the sea front.  This reopened last night as the Atlantic Bar and what a fun night was had by all.  The new owner has kept the nostalgic furnishings and antiques inside that make the inn special, but has added entertainment to the menu.

Traveller Blues Band did the honours and really made this place rock.  There was standing room only inside.  The crowd spilt down the steps and filled the street and the music Traveller play was just the ticket. Everyone’s feet were tapping and several ladies were dancing in the street, something quite unheard of in this tiny town which is more used to old gents sitting leaning over their walking sticks as old Canarians like to do.  I was surprised at the large number of German customers who knew ALL the words to songs like ‘Dirty old Town’, ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and ‘What a Beautiful Day” and they in particular were keen to buy the bands new CD which was just released this week as well as the Traveller t-shirts.  Although one little girl was upset they only do them in black and not Lady Gaga pink LOL.

As the town is predominantly residential the music has to stop at 11.00pm (so ideal for the early birds music from 8 – 11 and then a good night’s sleep) however Traveller tried 3 times to leave the stage and had to return each time to uproarious shouts and whistles for ‘More’.  These guys are building up a really good following.  Talking to them later they hope to get gigs around the island so they can tour on a monthly basis rather than be resident in any one venue.  That way everyone can enjoy these very talented musicians rather than the west of the island keeping them for themselves.

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News Flash – seems I am not the only one who likes this band – Colin Kirby has just posted an excellent write up in Ten Mag

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