La Brasa – Buzanada – Tenerife

It stands back off the road, wedged between a garage and an electrical shop an innocuous long low building with dark red shutters. Having passed it numerous times we felt we really must try it as while other restaurants these days are empty there are always lots of cars both at lunchtime and in the evening outside of La Brasa.

When you go inside there is a kitchen on display to the left and to the right a long room with a low beamed ceiling and lot of tables. We were met by a waiter (there were at least 8 of them) and asked if we wanted smoking, which we did and we were taken to a room behind the first with about 10 tables. The walls were decorated with bull, deer and wild boar heads and a large wheel converted to hold lights hung from the very high ceiling. Along the back wall of this room was a glass temperature controlled wine store about 20 x 6. A ramp led up to another level which turned out to be a bar area and everywhere was spotlessly clean, I had expected a small rural type restaurant but the place is like a ´Tardi´ from the outside it certainly doesn´t look as big.

The menu and wine list arrive. Even a non-drinker like me could tell there was something for all tastes with wines ranging from around €10 to €200 a bottle.

So to the meal. Bread was expensive at €1.65 but when it arrives it was hot toast about 1” thick and came with a plate of garlic and home-grown tomatoes and a bottle of virgin olive oil.

The starter at €11 was king prawns in garlic, about a dozen in each serving but not too bad as we decided to share.

This is not a place for fish lovers; there was only a choice of 3 fish dishes on the menu but lots of meat. Those who went for either the pork or beef chops (I would call this a rib of beef rather than a chop) were provided with a large bib and the meal came on sizzling hot plates. The lamb chops about 8 looked delicious, and I went for the fillet steak. Two of them arrived on my plate at least an inch thick if not more and a good 4” dia. The vegetables, red peppers, onions, chips and Canarian potatoes. The steak was delicious and the knife just slid through it.

There was no room for pudding but they looked good and prices varied from around €4.50 to €6.00. With coffees and drinks the bill came to €60 per couple but well worth it.

In this climate I agree that it is not cheap especially when you can get a meal for €6 in PdlA but the quality was superb, from the moment we walked through the door the staff were attentive and the place was full, there was not a single table free and the majority were locals which in itself says something.

We will certainly be taking visitors there for a taste of real Tenerife. Just goes to show that what you see on the outside is not always what you get.

Address: Ctra Guaza, Buzanada, 38670, Arona
Telephone: 922 720 622

Opening hours: 13:00 to 16:00 and 19:30 to 23:00. Closed Saturday evenings and Sundays

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