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Living here and having been to or on almost all of the tourist excursions, thanks to a friend who was with one of the major tour operators, I am often asked what particular shows are like.  Having seen the Sound of the Musicals twice, the second time because the show had changed, I would encourage anyone who likes West End shows to spend an evening there.

When you pull up outside the building you wonder what you have let yourself in for, it looks like a wooden hut next to the motorway. However once inside you realise you are in a typical German Bierkeller. You sit at long tables that take 8 people and there is wine and soft drinks already on the table and as soon as you are seated the beer starts to flow – the waiting staff fill the steins which must take close to 3 pints of beer and your glass only ever gets to half full before they are round again topping up.

The meal which I was expecting to be pretty average, as lots of dinner shows can be, was very good. No tinned mixed veg. here but fresh carrots, cabbage, broccoli, mash and Canarian potatoes as well as lashings of roast pork and delicious gravy, followed by either ice cream or sorbet. A wine upgrade is available upon request, for Sangre De Toro (red), Vina Sol (dry white), San Valentin (medium white) and Torres De Casta (rose), but must be pre-booked.

The show started promptly at 8.00 and you find yourself on 42nd Street at an audition to find a leading lady, for a show called the Sound of the Musicals which is due to tour the world.  You follow the cast to France for Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge and Les Miserables. On to Chicago with Roxie Hart, Billy Flynn and ‘All That Jazz’, along the way you visit London for Oliver. Ireland for Riverdance, Berlin for Cabaret, Egypt for Joseph, South America for Evita and Austria for …..The Sound of Music,   before heading for Las Vegas the Copacabana and of course the ‘Rat Pack’.

The show ends at 11.45 so excellent value for money and of course if you drink beer you could ‘swim’ home.

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  1. kittymonster says:

    I have to agree, it is a fantastic show

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