Waiting for the Rain in Tenerife

I try, and generally succeed, in not succumbing to this strange relationship we Brits have with the weather, some would call it intimate or even obsessive but this week it has occupied my thoughts on a daily basis. The summer seems unduly long and I was so hoping for a decent drop of the wet stuff to wash away the extreme heat.

I have been following AEmet’s forecasts for several weeks and they have been reasonably accurate.  With this week’s prediction for the south of the island getting rain was 80% for the start of the week dropping to 20% by the weekend, I was pretty confident that there would be a downpour at some point.  It wouldn´t last long, it rarely stays more than an hour or two, but at least the garden would be given a good soak and the accumulated dust layer would be washed away.

Sure enough, it arrived waking me up at 5.30 as the raindrops hit the Perspex domes in the roof.  It was pouring down and I had only had a couple of hours sleep so turning over I looked forward to a day sitting under the awning, listening to the creaking of the rocking chair and watching raindrops turn to steam as they plopped onto the patio.  By the time I woke and got dressed just after 8.00 the heavy rain that had woken me up was barely a sprinkle.  I was confused when I saw the rainbow as everywhere initially looked completely dry so light was the rain it was almost invisible.   Not what I had hoped for but there was still plenty days left in the week.

The hot weather continued with temperatures in the high twenties even though a couple of days were cloudy, but from the middle of the week, on two occasions, the sky was so clear you could see El Heirro along with La Gomera as the sun was setting, this is quite unusual and I have only seen it half a dozen times in the years since we have been living here.

As the week dragged on I have spent more time daydreaming of running outside and getting soaked, letting the rain beat on my head or kiss my cheeks.  With the weather they have had in the UK my friends think I am crazy, but when you are not used to it, there is nothing more invigorating than walking, skipping, running and even dancing in the rain.

Another sleepless night, found me sitting on the patio sending emails off to friends and waiting for the dawn.  Finally after a couple of hours I gave in and went back to bed at 6.00.  Two hours later while taking my daily walk I was cursing as I side-stepped puddles slipped on mud and ducked under soggy branches.  When the hell did that happen?  I had waited all week and missed the rain on both occasions.  Oh well still two days left, with a bit of luck I might catch it yet but I doubt it.

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5 Responses to Waiting for the Rain in Tenerife

  1. dragojac says:

    Oh, forgot to say – the blog’s looking really good.

  2. dragojac says:

    Some are saying the weather’s a month ahead on Tenerife this year. I never heard a thing on Monday night in Playa Paraiso, but when I got up the balcony was soaking. I did drive through a couple of showers between El Medano and Golf del Sur and then hit the really heavy stuff at Los Rodeos.

    Nice photos BTW. I saw a rainbow over by La Gomera, but didn’t manage to capture it on camera (hadn’t had the morning coffee, therefore unable to function).

    I became weather obsessed after moving here – LOL. I blame TA.

  3. Tricia says:

    lovely pics. Love reading your blogs. Keep them coming

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