El Lajar Restaurant, Buzanada, Tenerife

Anyone local knows that El Lajar is the bright green building that stands on the hill above the duel carriageway in Buzanada. The typical bright Canarian colours decorate both the inside of the restaurant and the outside of the building.  There are two dining rooms, one for smokers (at least until January 2011) and one for non-smokers.

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It is one of those places that you frequently pass and say one day we must try it. We were saying this just a few weeks ago when we decided to call in for a business card. The restaurant was closed, but the staff happily showed us the kitchen (to my mind this alone has to be a good sign) where they were preparing the menu for that evenings meal.

This week we eventually made it and had an excellent evening.  The meal consisted of a free appetizer, a large plate of fried bananas in a dark honey sauce. A basket of warm breads, Melba toast and crackers came next served with butter and mojo. We decided we would have starters and forego the creamy dessert menu. Enough fried Camembert and Blueberry sauce and Prawns in Garlic to share between four of us was put in large bowls in the middle of the table and we just helped ourselves. The prawns were enormous as was the amount of garlic and olive oil they were cooked in. While we were waiting for the main course to arrive we were given free glasses of sorbet to cleanse the palate.

As if all that garlic wasn’t enough, two of us settled for the fillet steak cooked with garlic, onion and peppers, we also had one sirloin with a mushroom sauce and one chicken breast – Carole who ordered this originally asked for veal but they didn’t have any. It actually says on the menu that if they can’t buy first quality products that day, then it is off the menu. The main course came with vegetables and either potatoes or chips. The meal was rounded off with a couple of Barraquitos, café con leche and té solo.  We also had 3 jarras, 3 soft drinks, a large bottle of aqua con gaz and a large bottle of aqua sin gaz. The bill came to €95.30.

Would we as locals go again, yes, would we take visitors there yes. The staff were pleasant and attentive, they didn’t have much English, our Spanish is not great but between us all, laughing and miming, we managed. A nice restaurant, I would imagine particularly good on a summer night if you have children, as there is a large children’s playground at the front.

Closed all day Monday and Sunday evenings – Tel 922 766 113

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  1. Just got to add this comment from Facebook by Debbie
    ” I have been there for lunch once … it is fantastic … the service fab, the food to die for and the sorbet … even the Bahia del Duque don´t give you sorbet any more … and then the piece de resistance … mouthwash in the loos….DIVINE restaurant and will go again when I have the time !”

    I obviously didn´t go to the loo or I would have REMEMBERED the mouthwash lol.

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