Looking for Love in Tenerife

What does the 30 something person all alone, lonely and badly wanting to find someone to be with do to find a partner.  People are social animals not meant to be on their own but in this hectic world, it can sometimes be difficult to meet like-minded people for socialising never mind romance.

The love of your life is not going to find you by chance in the phone book.  Yet the idea of putting yourself out there in an effort to meet someone scares the daylights out of you.  This seems a massive, insurmountable problem; particularly when the would-be lover suddenly remembers they have no idea how to find anyone.

After rattling off a list of possible places in their head what are the choices. … Let’s see, there’s bars and nightclubs. I hear people meet at nightclubs. Hmm… What else?”  Singles clubs, these might be a dating service but also a swingers club, Oh No!!  Blind dates … can friends really be trusted with your future.  Then of course, there are the dating sites but are the people you talk to on line really who they seem to be or are they hiding behind their keyboard.  What can you do to avoid ending up like Annie Hall and Alvy Singer.

In reality even if you’re fishing in the right pool how do you narrow the field.  It seems the forward thinking people at Tenerife Tourism, Adeje, have it covered.

Their first Festival of Love will be held at the beautiful Callao Sport Hotel in Callao Salvaje on the 5th, 6th and 7th November and is aimed at single people over 30 who want to find a partner.  Anyone can register by visiting the Tourist Centre in Avenida de los Océanos in Adeje (Tenerife).

For €95 (all-inclusive), a wonderful weekend is in store.

Just a few of the activities planned after the welcome by CDTCA will be a visit to the Thermal Spa Aqua Club where guests will enjoy a session in the thermal circuit and an oriental massage.  This will be followed by a champagne reception with a chocolate fountain and tropical fruits, then back to the hotel for wine tasting, tapas and getting to know your fellow guests.

The following day after breakfast there will be activities around the pool and a Hawaiian lunch party.  Late afternoon enjoy beauty sessions in preparation for a Gala Dinner which will go on until the early hours of the morning, so make sure you take your dancing shoes.

Finally after breakfast on Sunday there will be surprise gifts and a farewell BBQ.

It is almost worth being single for this event organised by Adeje Tourism.

See full schedule of activities in this link

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