Route 66 – Tenerife

Although Puerto Santiago is a tourist resort, it is nothing like those further south where you find bars and restaurants cheek by jowl.  It attracts the type of tourist that is looking for a relaxed holiday in the sun without being bothered by an over abundance of PRs or Looky Looky men.

There are a few restaurants, a discoteca and a couple of entertainment bars.  Anyone looking for entertainment on an evening has a very limited choice.  However that does not mean they won’t find it.  There is one little gem of a bar, Route 66, which guarantees fun for all.  If you visit between Sunday and Thursday nights you will catch Old Dogs New Tricks.  Their repertoire is vast and their music covers everything from the oldies of the 60s right up to the very latest hits in today’s charts.

Things to do in Tenerife, Old Dogs

Last night was a perfect example, the place was heaving by 8.30 with everyone from the young boy with his DS player grafted to the palm of his hand, to the old guy who had taken a taxi down from the SAGA hotel at the top of the road.   Bob and Jill (Old Dogs) treat everyone like an old friend and, of course, lots of them are old friends, returning year after year.  The highlight of the holiday for many is to get down to Route 66 each evening.   That is the case with Roy, who comes back to the island each winter.  His unfortunate claim to fame is his bad dancing.  Roy’s sense of rhythm is so bad the drummer can´t look at him as it puts him off.  It is hilarious to watch as the crowd, and there is always a crowd on the dance floor, concentrate to keep to the correct beat while Roy is dancing to his own tune!

Apart from the music an attraction for me to both the bar and Old Dogs is they have no objection to helping the animal rescue centres on the island.  Bob always makes a point of telling the audience of our involvement with K9 and encourages them to buy the Christmas cards and Calendars, which will help raise the much-needed funds.  The crowd are always generous too.

So whatever your age, if you are looking for a quiet stress free holiday, where you can be assured of good entertainment on an evening, you should look no further than Puerto Santiago and Route 66.
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