Something different – Tenerife’s Ostrich Restaurant

If you want a meal somewhere REALLY different there is nowhere like the Avestruces Restaurante and Ostrich farm, near San Isidro. It is about a mile away from the south airport. You come off the TF-1, go across the motorway bridge and then up the mountain, following the signs to Farm Granja.

This place is a unique experience, which is enjoyable as well as educational. You can walk around the farm and see all the stages of life, from the eggs in incubators and the baby ostriches to mum and dad ostrich strutting around the pens. Everything, including the ostriches, is very clean and they do not smell, for me that´s important. The farm tour and talk is free if you have a meal in the restaurant and I think about €8 if you are not eating.

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The restaurant is open from 11am to 8pm each day. There is a set menu for €19. It consists of Ostrich and rice soup, smoked Ostrich pate and mojo sauce. Grilled Ostrich meat with Canarian potatoes and for pudding a sweet concoction based on an Ostrich egg. Soft drinks, water and wine are included, or there is an a la carte menu.

Ostrich meat is good for you as it is very low in cholesterol and calories and contains virtually no fat. It tastes and looks a bit like steak and if someone told you that it was steak, you would probably agree, it is also very tender.

If there is a large group and it really would need to be large, you can fry your own ostrich egg, the pan is the size of a large paella dish. They say that one ostrich egg is equivalent to 40 chicken eggs.

There is a small shop attached to the restaurant and farm where you can buy feathers, decorated eggs, handbags and wallets all made from the skin, there are also a lot of Russian souvenirs for sale and the staff we spoke with were all Russian. In fact, the shop and restaurant were how, in my mind, I picture Russian country cabins.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants

For more about the farm and its exact location visit their website Ostrich Farm and Restaurant

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