How do retirees fill their days in Tenerife?

I am always amused when friends ask if other half and I get bored with nothing to do living here in Tenerife.  Sometimes it would be nice to have a few days when the diary is empty and we can just chill.  The reality is we are far busier than we ever were when we lived in the UK.

Each morning starts around 8 – 8.30am with walking the dog.  Again, around 6.00pm she gets another walk along the seafront in Los Cristianos.  The times vary depending how hot the day has been, if it is slightly overcast we can go out during the afternoon, but usually it is too warm – especially for a little four-legged person wearing a fur coat.

As an example last week, which is the norm rather than the exception, was busy each day.

Sunday – Adam, Nat and the boys came for lunch, we spent several hours chatting, singing, and playing guitars on the patio. Over a glass or two of whiskey we watched the sun setting over La Gomera.

At the weekend, friends arrived from Scotland.  They have a home in the village so Monday saw lunch at their house, which lasted around 6 hours, giving us a chance to catch up on all the gossip from the past 3 months.

Tuesday – Another friend had her 65th birthday (boy does she look good for her age) and we had a 60s fancy dress party.  Almost everyone made the effort to dress up and we danced the night away to the tunes of our youth.
Things to do in Tenerife,retire Things to do in Tenerife,retire

For the past 3 years, every Wednesday, we have gone out with a couple who live close by.  We don´t have plans; just go wherever the fancy takes us.  Jump in the car and take either an unknown road to see where it leads, or perhaps choose somewhere that suits the day.  As there had been a Calima the weather was exceptionally hot so we chose to wander along the boardwalk to take advantage of the breeze that can usually be guaranteed in El Medano.
Things to do in Tenerife,retire, El Medano

Thursday was my chance to catch up with the housework, washing and ironing – Yuk!  We were supposed to be staying local in the evening, but the event had to be cancelled due to illness so taking advantage of the situation we travelled to Route 66 in Puerto Santiago, spent time with our friends, Old Dogs New Tricks, and managed to sell a number of products to help K9 one of the animal rescue centres on the island. Selling is not really our thing, but Nikki who took all of the photographs did an exceptional job, which made it easy, as everyone who saw the photos fell in love with the puppies and wanted to take either the Christmas cards or calendars home as a reminder of their holidays.

More friends arrived Friday, they have timeshare at Hollywood Mirage and we see them every year in November.  They love their food so we went to Flor del Drago a superb restaurant in Playa La Arena.

Things to do in Tenerife,retire, Playa de la Arena

I don´t think it’s a secret that we are fans of Traveller Blues Band and Saturday was their first gig at the Paloma Bar.  The crowd, a good mix of German, Spanish and Brits filled the bar.  It was our first visit but going by the atmosphere and the crowd appreciation, I am sure it will not be the last time Traveller play there.  However, tiredness was having its toll and I had to leave at midnight and fell asleep as soon as I reached home.

Sunday – K9 Calendar launch at O’Jangles Bar in Los Cristianos.  Spent the morning handing out flyers around the Market, then at 3.30pm set up our stall.  A host of entertainers giving their time for free entertained the crowd that kept coming throughout the day until 9.00pm.  The folks were exceptionally generous, raising lots of money for the doggies.  It was also an opportunity to put faces to names of people that I correspond with on the Tenerife Forum.  Listening to the comments everyone who attended had an incredible day.

One benefit of age is you need less sleep so while we are rarely in bed before 1.00am after a few hours sleep  I can often be found sitting on the patio catching up with emails at around 4.00 – 6.00am and then grabbing  another couple of hours sleep before starting all over again.

As I said at the beginning this particular week is quite normal, while we might not always have friends arriving from the UK, we still have to fit in our hobbies, horse riding, painting and reading.  I am sure for some this way of life could cause problems, I have mentioned lots of bars, but we are fortunate that we don´t drink leaving that to our friends.

So, is there time to get bored on this little island we call home?  No, we might be pensioners but our lifestyle suits us and I am sure it helps to keep us young, at least in mind if not in body.
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  1. dragojac says:

    Sounds like a good week was had. My sis was at Route 66 on Thursday night as well.
    As for the needing less sleep as you get older, that’s one of the benefits that has escaped me so far : (

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