Hair today – gone tomorrow!

In my experience, once women have found a hairdresser we like, we stick to them like glue.  This has been the case with me and I have been going to Liz for the past 5 years.  She colours my hair to the exact shade that  flatters me and which I love, she is happy to adapt the style and cut to suit the latest trend without making me look like the proverbial ‘mutton dressed as lamb’.  It was with horror, therefore, that I received her phone call several weeks ago telling me she was returning to the UK to live.  I was happy for her because she has wanted to be with her family for a long while but on the selfish side I was totally devastated.  What was I going to do ….

I have spent the intervening weeks, looking for someone new and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing worse than trying to find a new hairdresser.

I have visited the trendy salon for a blow-dry and got the fresh one straight out of college, she did ok but hardly filled me with confidence.

I have spent more hours discussing the good old ‘are you going on holiday’ followed by ‘are you out tonight?’ that I am contemplating making a recording.  It is also embarrassing shouting your personal business all over the room. Why does your mouth seems to overrun with things you would never normally say to your closest friend?

I have flicked through an abundance of Hello and OK magazines to last a lifetime and I’m tired of seeing Cheryl Cole’s face on every cover.

Yep, I absolutely hate the mirrors – they show up every grey hair, your roots which you can’t afford to get done this time round, every wrinkle, sag, spot and dark shadow.  Best to stand about 20 feet away from the mirror with your glasses off – vast improvement!  It is bad enough having to sit looking in that damned mirror but to be surrounded by young and pretty hairdressers with their youthful glow just makes you feel like crawling out the door

I’ve seen the inside of the trendy salons, expensive salons, cheap salons and even scruffy salons, it makes no difference what they look like, as whenever I ask “can you match my hair colour?”  I realise by the wide-eyed stare that the person I am talking to cannot do it and this is confirmed when they say, probably.  Oh no, I want to come out looking like a glamorous blonde not a salt and pepper granny or worse still, carrying a plastic bag full of hair.

Nevertheless, my persistence has finally paid off, I found the guy this week, he understood exactly what I wanted, explained in words I had heard before how he would treat my hair and I ended up with the best cut I have had in a long time. So roll on next month and we will see how he copes with the colour.  I’m feeling pretty confident.

Liz also used to do OH’s hair but he doesn´t seem to have had the same problems finding someone new – it is obviously a female thing !!
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2 Responses to Hair today – gone tomorrow!

  1. There was a point I wished I had a niece to go to LOL

  2. peachy says:

    I have loved reading this. I hate going to a salon,i go to my nieces house to get mine done at the moment. I do not see a mirror until it is done.

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