The ABC’s of the Red Queen

These are the ABC’s about me….

Activist: I have participated in many a protest action involving causes I believe in but never political.
Annoyance: Where to start, Cell phones, texting, slurppers, lateness, chewing with mouth open

Ban the Bomb: yes but never Ban the Bra
Believe in God: Who? Believe in Santa: Of course
Byrds, The: Took everybody Eight Miles High while Mr. Tambourine Man played a song for us on our record players (remember them?).

Colour: Black
City: Chicago
Cyndi Lauper

Day or Night: Night time is the right time
Do your own thing!: Be yourself!
Dire Straits

Eyes: Blue
Everyone’s got: a mouth – some should keep theirs shut.
Eric Clapton : second only to Whiskey !!!

Flower: Lily
First thoughts waking up: Another day in Paradise
Fleetwood Mac

Greatest Fears: Getting old..ahh shit
Go with the Flow: Taoist philosophy – Live in the moment, letting things happen as they may.
Grateful Dead: The ultimate hippie band brought hallucinatory music to their fans.

Happy: I think so
How do you want to die: Peacefully
Lena Horne

Intuitive: No it is the Tarot cards that say what will happen
Impulsive: No I just went to buy a t-shirt and ended up with a sports car!!
Il Divo: a bit of classical is good for the soul

Joint: Meat or ciggie?.
Job: I’ve had a few – some really sucked.
Jefferson Airplane: More from the Summer of Love. Great time

Keep a journal?: I’m writing in it…right now
Karma: Indian term for fate. You reap what you sow.
Killers The: If they have sold more than 15 million albums they cant be bad

Love: Make Love – Not War.
Laid Back: Oops nearly fell over!
Louis Prima and Keely Smith: so hard to find their albums these days

McD’s or BK: KFC
Music: country, blues, pop, classical, jazz you name it I usually like it
Mamas and Papas:

Number: 666: The Number of the Beast
N.O.W.:National Organization for Women. Definitely not, like to be treated as special not just equal
Nina Simone a lady of class

Optimist: my glass is always half full
One wish: To die before OH as I could not imagine life without my soul mate
Oasis: The hairdressers not the band !!

Platonic: Friendships, Yes lots of these
Pepsi or Coke: Cherry Coke
Pink: she is gorgeous as well as talented

Questioning: Always question
Quirky: unconventional or given to idiosyncrasies Moi?
Queen: Well while Freddie was around

Reality TV: They all suck
Roll your tongue in a circle?: C’mon now
Rolling Stones: still great after all this time

Salad Dressing: Cesar
Sing well?: The bartender didn´t think so when I emptied his bar
Simply Red, Steppenwolf, so many but NOT the Spice Girls

Tattoos?: Yuk yuk yuk
Thunderstorms: I don’t mind sitting on the patio watching a storm
T Rex or even Take That

Unpredictable: uhmmmmm yeah but it makes living with me interesting, or so I’m told.
UB40: have never had one of these forms issued by the DHSS to claim unemployment benefit, but like the band

Vacation spot:
Looking forward to India
Village People

Weakness: The dreaded chocolate
Which one of your friends is most like you: None – I’m quite unique
Willie Nelson

X-Rays: Yeah – I wish I had those x-ray glasses they advertised in comics as a kid.
Ex’s: Nope, my one true love for 40 years
Will forgo this as I can’t think of anyone

Year it is now?: 2010
Yellow: Looks good with my tan
Yardbirds: were they the first super group?

Zoo: Monkey Park Zoo in Tenerife, best there is
ZZtop They hold the distinction of being one of the few rock bands still comprising its original members for nearly 40 years – bit like me and OH
NB all images are taken from the internet and none have indicated they are subject to copyright.

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