OMM a new mantra for Tenerife

On Friday evening, OH and I were invited to OMM, the multi-functional club that is a totally new concept in the south of the island and consists of a first class restaurant, an open terrace cafe, disco, meeting bar and soon to be tasca.

Unsure where the venue was located I was pleased to find it in my favourite part of Las Americas.  I always recommend this area of the resort on the various forums I use and describe it as situated between the Mare Nostrum, Villa Cortes and the Spring Hotels.  I can now place a fourth marker ‘OMM’ to close this very upmarket square in the heart of town.  Everything about this place from the kerbside decor to the various internal areas is stylish and luxurious, encompassing the urban trends of sophisticated city hot-spots across Europe and so different from the normal preconceived vision of Las Americas.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants,  OMM

From the moment we walked through the door we were greeted by a member of staff who showed us to a comfortable seating area while they checked if our host had arrived.  As the evening progressed, it was clear that all staff had been chosen not only for their good looks, but also for their attention to customer care, comfort and needs.

The decor is refined black and grey sofas, smooth textures, dark ceilings, and sensual lighting.  Add to this unconventional entertainment and the stage is set to show others the way Tenerife should be heading to attract the type of clientele that will rid her of the all-encompassing clubbing, karaoke and ‘youff’ image she has.  Not that the image is, necessarily, bad but Tenerife has far MORE to offer.  Whatever your taste you will find it in Tenerife and OMM is just strengthening that diversity.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants,  OMM Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants,  OMM

As avant-garde entertainment goes, I was unsure of the nights offering by Corvus Corvax, despite their huge worldwide following.  I didn´t expect to enjoy listening to drums and bagpipes however, my concerns were totally unfounded.  Throughout the performance of Mongolian, Arabic and Germanic type music I could not stop tapping my feet and even joined in with the Yeah! Yeah! Yeahs! when required.  It was far more than I expected, the spectacle of the band, the belly dancers and fire twirlers all added to an unusual and pleasurable evening, not only for our small party but also for the crowd that filled the lounge.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants,  OMM

OMM not only attracts the ‘beautiful people’ of which there were many last night, but has raised its game so high that in its short existence it is starting to appeal to all ages and nationalities, even us oldies felt totally relaxed and not out of place.

I believe the OM mantra represents the whole universe combined into a single sound, therefore choosing OMM as the name of this new venue is very apt as it covers everything for everyone.  However, I think it could also be an acronym for Original, Modern and Multifaceted.

As I was leaving, I purloined a menu so I could not only remember what we had to eat but give an idea of prices.  Let it be enough to say the food was excellent and I think this restaurant deserves a blog of its own, so watch this space.

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