OMM Restaurant – A Rising Star in Tenerife

In a previous article, I told you about the night I spent at OMM and how impressed I was not only with the ambiance of the place but also with the OMM concept.

OMM offers something different to suit a wide range of tastes, thereby appealing to a much broader audience than other local venues.  While these in many cases are excellent, the majority do not have the facilities or space to focus on more than one theme, be it an entertainment bar, a disco, a restaurant or a cafe.  I don´t know any place on the island that can cover all the above in the same location, well I do now!

OMM is in a prime location and has enough space to encompass each of the above without any area feeling crowded or cramped and I believe they are expanding into neighbouring premises so a nice little tasca will be added to the list.  However, I have told you about how stylish this place is so as promised, I now want to tell you about the restaurant and the food.

The restaurant is crisp, clean and beautifully presented with plenty of space between tables so that diners do not feel they are being overheard or overcrowded.  The kitchen is a light-flooded modernist space open for all to see and although I do not drink, you can see from the photo, the choice of wine is exceptional.

Chef Salvador (or Salva for short) trained and worked at the world famous El Bulli restaurant north of Barcelona, which tells you enough about the quality and imagination of the menu.

Marcos, our waiter for the night, showed us to our table.  Some may know him from Molino Blanco or the Gran Melia Palacio De Isora.  It is the attention to detail that can make or break the service and Marco was exceptional.  He brought our water to the table and opened the bottles in front of us, nothing worse than drinks being delivered that have already been opened; my suspicious mind thinks it could be any old thing – who says I am cynical?

We decided to share a starter of Iberian ham, bread and tomato it was delicious and a huge amount, so much for sharing!   Our host, although not vegetarian, settled for the Pear Ravioli and Cheese sauce with Walnuts for her main course (€12.50).  OH chose the Fillet Steak with sauté vegetables (€20).  He always swears that the best steaks come from La Brasa in Buzanada, but what he had was equally as good and melted in the mouth.  I chose the Roast Beef (always a favourite of mine) with a golden vinaigrette and light onion foam – hints of El Bulli here; this came with a separate dish of seasonal vegetables (€15.00).  Pure heaven.

There will be some who say the meals are expensive, I don’t think so, the quality cannot be faulted and you can see from the quantity nobody was going to go home hungry.

I really wanted to sample the dessert menu but that would have just been greedy.  The others managed though, with a light Lavender Pannacota, Caramelized Apples and Lemon Sorbet (€6.50) and Roasted Pineapple with Celery and Banana (€6.00).  What a fusion of flavours, and delicious – I could not resist the temptation and tried a spoonful of each.  We ended our meal with a cafe con leche, a barraquito and a café descafeinado.

I would recommend having an evening meal at OMM anytime and not just saving this restaurant for a special occasion.  I am looking forward to popping in during the day while in town. I know OH won´t object he can´t walk 100 yards without suggesting we stop for a coffee and croissant or cake; I hope you will try it too.  In our own small way, by supporting new businesses that are prepared to go a step further, we can ensure the quality our little island deserves.

I realise it is very early days for OMM but I wouldn´t mind betting that they could appear as Rising Stars in the Michelin Guide in the not too distant future if they continue as they are.

Contact details
CC Zentral Centre, Playa de las Americas
Tel: 922795221

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5 Responses to OMM Restaurant – A Rising Star in Tenerife

  1. Patrick Livepool says:

    Am staying Zentral Hotel over Christmas will be giving it visit or two.

    • If you are a member on Tripadvisor I would be interested to read a review on what you think about it.

      • sean says:

        We had dinner in Omm last week, had to do midweek as storm postponed weekend visit. For those who would like a unique meal read on, well worth a visit.

        As it was a midweek visit, no booking was needed. We were greeted by Marcus, who explained the menu and seated us. The wine rack was facing me, reminding me of Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas, and the overall look of Omm was very Manhattan/Vegas to me. We opted to share the Tempura Vegetables as a starter, as we knew we were having fillet steak as a main and wanted to leave room. Marcus gave as lots of info on the food, very attentive. This starter came with a teryaki sauce on the side. Thinnest tempura batter over fresh carrots, zuchinni, broccolli and peppers, very tasty and light. Bread and olive oil/butter was provided too.
        For mains we both specified “medium” for our fillets, which can be hard to actually receive in Tenerife, but medium it was, in cooking terms, and BIG it was in size for fillet. They came with potatoes and mixed veg, and a side of cheese that we had asked for (something we do to our steaks! Plenty of it came too). It was with us rapidly after our starter was over. Enjoyed every morsel. Imelda chose a desert of roasted pineapple with assorted other bits of ice cream and fruit, with sauces, never caught the name, but a fair plateful! Marcus, though never intrusive, kept checking us for topped up glasses and any other needs, which is a stand out feature for us. With that plus sparkling water, a heineken and 2 glasses of rose, the bill was well under 80 euros. For the service, quantities and unique setting we thought it was excellent value. I could wax on but Red Queen reviewed in full detail above. So , great service from a knowledgable waiter, and obviously an excellent chef, and a top venue, be advised that booking is likely need at weekend dinner. Sean and Imelda, Omagh, Co Tyrone.

  2. John says:

    Can’t wait to try it on first visit to Tenerife

  3. Tricia says:

    What a lovely review. My mouth is watering just reading it. I will have to visit when i am next over.

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