Life’s too short to skip dessert

I have just arrived home from Las Americas after having a lovely lunch with two friends.  Yes it’s true we are ‘ladies wot lunch’, enjoying the chance to ditch the men folk, talk girlie,  catch up on gossip and discuss our cockeyed and sometimes not so hare-brained ideas.

It has to be said that I have already given my thoughts on OMM but that was on their dinner menu, and today we tried out their lunches.   We turned down the regular menu in favour of the Menu del Dia, which had a good selection to suit all tastes.  I was tempted by the Carrot Soup, but decided that three courses would be far too much at lunchtime, so opted for a main course as well as pudding.   I was really good and although tempted, did not tuck into the hot bread and two different flavoured butters as I knew there would be no room left for the main affair.  We all had the same, tender chicken, served on a bed of Angel Hair pasta and vegetables accompanied with deep fried thinly sliced potatoes, handmade crisps to you and me.

While we were chatting Giovanni one of the owners asked if we would like to sample one of the dishes they were considering preparing for the new tasca which they are opening next door.  It was a typically Spanish stew in a piquant sauce.  Again, it was scrumptious although I found the sauce a little hot for my taste.  None of us were sure what we were eating but all agreed it was good – only after asking for a translation were we told it was tripe, at least that is the closest we could gather it to mean…. Yuk!!  I have never tasted tripe, would not dream of it, the look is enough to… What am I saying?  This was really good, so it is obviously mind over matter I would certainly have it again, I’m just hoping we got the translation wrong.

Although at this stage nobody was hungry, we all surrendered to the lusciously light panacotta with sliced apple and a mouth-watering lavender ice cream, this not only tasted lovely but the aroma deliciously tempted the taste buds.   I am not normally a sweet tooth sort of gal, but the desserts at OMM are so tempting I can´t resist them.  Coffee followed with a pretty flower someone had carefully drawn to decorate the frothy milk.

This has got to stop, so much weight will be piling on if I continue to go to OMM, but perhaps if I can be strong and limit eating to just the main course, I can make it a regular haunt.  Oh what the heck, life is too short to skip dessert.

PS: No photos this time, forgot the camera but it is a good excuse to go back, as if one is needed!!



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  1. kate says:

    you must go back I must have pictures

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