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When I lived in the UK, I used to suffer terribly from aches and pains affecting old operation scars.  I had forgotten about this as it rarely happens these days due to our normally fantastic climate, but over the past week, due to the cold damp weather we have been having I have been reminded of what it used to be like.

Since moving here, 6 years ago, I have not once seen a doctor.  I have been a couple of times to the Farmacia for medication for minor things such as cough or sore throat remedies but nothing more.  Similarly, with OH, we are both, touch wood, in exceedingly good health.   OH does, however, have a problem with deafness in one ear.  I think it is an age thing, but being a woman, I often put it down to selective hearing, particularly when I want jobs doing around the house!

It can be frustrating for both of us when we are watching a film; he needs the volume turned up and when it is comfortable for him it almost makes my ears bleed.  The solution we decided was for him to get a hearing aid.  We looked on the internet and found the price could run into thousands of Euros.  Not wanting to make a mistake or waste un-necessary money, our first step was to find out how deaf he really is, so we went to the Excellent Medical Centre in Golf del Sur.  As you enter the one-way system you can’t miss it.  It is on the left hand side of the main road just before The Palms Resort.

Its brochure states that it has state of the art facilities and is one of the most advanced medical centres in the Canary Islands.  It certainly looked impressive.  Never having been before we entered at street level and were in the pharmacy.  It is a huge circular area, which supplies everything you can think of from beauty products to a dispensary.  After asking for the specialists we headed to the lower level via the lift, excellent for those with mobility problems.  We were now in a very modern area unlike any doctors’ surgery I have seen in the UK.  Comfortable chairs, flourishing plants and even up to date reading material.   The notice board listed alphabetically that they specialise in everything from Cardiology to Urology and any other medical problem in between.

The reception desk was manned by three members of staff, who all speak several languages and an appointment was quickly made.  We were concerned that the doctor might not speak good enough English and our Spanish is certainly not good enough to understand if there should be any medical problems, but this was not the case.

After cleaning the ears, which had only been done 4 weeks earlier, we were both amazed at how much gunge was removed, a thorough test was carried out and it was confirmed that OH is definitely deaf and not pretending!    The specialist wrote a note to take to our local hearing aid supplier, no selling involved, just a FREE trial to enable OH to see if there was an improvement.  We are now going to visit GAES in Los Cristianos (more later).

If anyone has any medical problem, based on the service we received, I would recommend Excellence they are what they say.  Tel: 922 737560

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