Fu Xin Chinese Restaurant, Los Cristianos – Tenerife

Fu Xin is a very popular restaurant with tourists, particularly the ‘swallows’ who descend on Los Cristianos for several months each winter.  It is opposite the Arona Gran Hotel, in the middle of a short parade of British bars and eateries.   Whenever I have passed, it has always been full to bursting.  I wondered what the attraction was as from the outside it is a typical Chinese restaurant with its brightly painted walls and tasselled paper lanterns.

There is a large board outside the door that states they offer a free bottle of wine per couple with meals over €10.95 so probably price has a lot to do with it, particularly, with the mature tourists who watch how they spend their pensions.

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Unless you book a table it is best to arrive early, and I mean really early, like 6.30pm as by 7.30pm, all tables are full and you will have to sit and wait for someone to finish their meal.  This could be a long time, as customers aren’t rushed, even if there is a queue of people waiting.

There is an extensive menu which includes all the popular dishes we Brits recognise such as Chilli Beef, Sweet and Sour Pork and Chicken in Satay Sauce as well as English and Kids menus.  We chose the set meal for four at €13 per person.  It consisted of nine courses including crispy duck and king prawns in black bean sauce.  As this is one of the most expensive meals on the menu, it included the ‘free’ bottle of wine per couple.  There was a choice of red or white, dry or medium.  However, as a non-drinker, it took a lot of explaining that I would rather have a soft drink than wine.  Eventually after a lot of huffing and puffing, I did get a tin of coke.  Having sipped the wine that our friends had I think the coke probably cost more LOL.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, Fu Xin

The other three thought their meal was acceptable, but nothing special.  I, however, was disappointed – normally I love Chinese food, but when the duck arrived, I found it chewy and there was no crispy, just greasy fat.  The pancakes were served cold on a plate (normally they come in one of those little wooden steamers).  I did not like the beef either, yet again I found the texture odd, like chewing on a piece of string.   I’m guessing that because of the large numbers they cater for they buy cheap meat and then boil it before doing whatever to create each dish and each course to me was flavourless.  With the amount of people that eat there, I accept that I am probably the exception but surely, some go for tasty food and not just price.

I was to say the least surprised that what I have always thought was a ‘must try’ restaurant turned out to be very mediocre.   The staff in Fu Xin were pleasant and attentive but I will not go back or recommend to others.

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  1. Geoff says:

    My wife and I enjoy this restaurant. The 8.50 menu with a free bottle of basic plonk is not only good value but quite acceptable to those who want a relatively cheap hot meal. This is not an expensive pretentious restaurant. The staff are pleasant, the meals are hot, and flavour and texture as good as or better than any other in the area.

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