There’s an Angel in Tenerife

We had visitors last night, well three in fact.  My friends brought their latest ‘find’ to meet us.  I knew they were coming and wondered how Caña, the dog I adopted from K9 Animal Rescue Centre would react when another dog came into her domain.  As anticipated when they arrived at the gate Caña, as tiny as she is, wanted to defend her territory, however once inside she realised that the visitor although tall was nothing more than a walking skeleton, lucky to be alive and certainly no threat.

Things to do in Tenerife, Animal rescue


It started as it usually does. Steph was driving home when she spotted this scrap barely hanging on to life by the side of the road.  She stopped the car and approached the shocked and disorientated animal that looked up with deep brown saddened eyes; she released a soft whimper and humbly lowered her head to be petted.   The sight of this beautiful pointer around a year old was heart breaking and so she was put in the back of the car and taken home to start what will hopefully be the beginning of a new life.

Things to do in Tenerife, Animal rescue

Holly, a walking skeleton

Things to do in Tenerife, Animal rescue

Holly, starting to relax in a house for the first time in her short life

Very few abandoned animals are found by people who will care for them or take them to a shelter, many are left to die alone, discarded like a piece of trash.  However, this is not the case with Steph who in my opinion is an angel, not in the religious sense, as I am not religious, but in the sense as someone who manifests goodness, selflessness and seeks no reward.   She takes dogs into her home, at her own expense, has them checked at the vets, nurses them back to health, trains them, shows them what love is and eventually finds them their forever home.  This is a long expensive process and in some cases like Zuri (THE FINAL CHAPTER) who has recently been flown to the UK it can take 12 months or more.

It makes me angry that people think dogs and cats are of no consequence, to be disposed of when they no longer suit.  There should be some kind of test to take before becoming a pet owner.  If you fail, you don’t get a pet.  The rules are easy,

  • Do NOT get an animal if you aren’t willing to make a lifelong commitment.
  • Do NOT make others responsible for your abandoned pets. Thinking they will find “new” homes is reprehensible and ethically wrong.
  • Do NOT make others the ones who have to feed and care for them because you left them to fend for themselves.
  • Do NOT leave it to others to find homes for the kittens and puppies that are born of unneutered dogs and cats.  Spay and neuter your pets.  Be responsible!
  • DO THE RIGHT THING or do NOT have pets!

The following is a poem by Judith Lohinski that I found on the internet about abandoned animals and the people who care for them.


What have I done wrong? Why am I here?
I’ve lived my short life knowing nothing but fear.
I asked very little and tried to be good
But a kick; then a car left me lying in blood
Cradled in her arms on the day I arrived
I thought I was dying but she helped me survive.

She must be an angel sent down from above
To take us all in and treat us so good.
I see her each day looking tired and worn
With another like me in her arms, so forlorn.
Two meals a day is what I get fed
and, if I get lucky, a pat on the head.
Oh, I’m not complaining, it’s more than I’ve had
But not to be wanted, then, I must have been bad.

I greeted each day with a wag and a lick
So tell me, why was it, he needed to kick?
Someone is out there, I know, just for me.
Oh, why won’t they come, I’ll be loyal, you’ll see.
We all have a story that sounds quite the same
Some were abandoned, and some have felt pain.
Still we put trust in the humans around.
There’s kindness in here, and we feel safe and sound.

Strangers come in, they stare and are sad.
I’d shout if I could “I’m a great dog to have!”
Just give me a look; a few kind words will do,
Rub my nose, scratch my ears, we have feelings too.
I think I’m quite handsome, despite my bent leg.
And I’m all skin and bone, because the lady had said.
I know that I’m lucky, I’m here and survived,
But for some it’s too late, it reflects in their eyes.

So on reading this, come look and see
You might be the one who’s just waiting for me.

If you are unable to adopt an animal, please support events held by the rescue shelters.  In addition, when you have a moment to spare, visit the animals that have found their way there for whatever reason.  You may find that your newest best friend is waiting for you but unless you make the effort, you will never know.  After just 3 days with Steph and Tony, Holly as she has been named, is already responding to love and kindness.  I am looking forward to seeing her again in the New Year, see how she is progressing and I will put regular updates on the blog.  Let’s see if we can all help Steph find this lovely girl her forever home.

Things to do in Tenerife, Animal rescue


In addition, never forget, it is only through you that places like K9 can continue to save lives, one by one.
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8 Responses to There’s an Angel in Tenerife

  1. teresa garoscio says:

    how sad to read about thease dogs i just cannot understand how any one can be so cruel.
    so nice to hear that the dog is happy now, good luck for the new year hope it will be a better one.
    i always make a donation to k9 when im in tenerife.
    teresa garoscio

    • Teresa, I am sure K9 really appreciate your help and that of anyone else who cares to give a little money, a bag of food or even just go and walk the dogs.

      Would you be related to Simona? She is another young lady who always puts herself out to help the abandoned animals on the island.

  2. Chris says:

    See what you do makes me really happy, i take care of 2 cats that are my life Cleo and Ben I found Ben almost dead on the street to skinny and afraid of living, but now he is a young healthy little kittie.

    People don’t give a crap about pets, they just think thay are objects that you can send to the thrash whetever you want and that’s very worng, pets feel like the humas do and they need love and a safe home.

    Once again thanks for what you do.

  3. Steph says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog.
    Holly appreciates it tooo and looks forward to showing off her podgier figure in the New Year!
    I hope that people take heed of what you have written (incidentally the poem is beautiful and brought a tear to my eye)

    Thank you
    x x x

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  5. Tricia says:

    Thank you for your report on Holly. Steph is amazing and so caring. I do hope she finds her forever home in the not too distant future.

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