Afternoon Delight: Tea in Tenerife

The British love their tea and elevenses and Afternoon Tea is a British invention really just an excuse to have a cuppa and a little treat.  I, however, have never liked the taste of tea but I do lurve my coffee and certainly don´t let this lack of true Britishness  stop me from enjoying this very English pastime.  The current recession may have curbed spending for many people and taking “afternoon tea” can appear to be a frivolous luxury, but if you know where to go you can indulge without feeling the pinch except to perhaps your waistline.

A couple of places I like are the HMS Discovery in Las Americas where Pauline and Graham serve lovely homemade scones with tea and in my case coffee for just a couple of Euros.  The good thing about this unpretentious, cosy little cafe, apart from the home cooking, is that there is no parking close by so you can walk off the cream and jam on your way back to the car and there is really no need to feel guilty.

With the weather getting a bit cooler, my thoughts have turned to hot drinks and sweet goodies.  I want a cosy corner where on a day when the breeze whips up from the sea you can wrap yourself in a throw while sipping your hot chocolate or latte.  I want a good choice of coffee and cake and I want to be able to sit and read the newspapers without feeling I have to hurry along or buy another drink in order to stay.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, cafes Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, cafes

I can get all of this from Cafe 5 just off the Church Square in Los Cristianos.  The brightly coloured blankets on the chairs and the smell of fresh coffee invite you in.   The choice of newspapers in several languages tempts you to sit awhile.  The decor is modern, the music quiet and unobtrusive and the cakes delicious.   It is more than somewhere to rest your feet and have a quick drink, it is a meeting place where locals carry on their daily business over laptops and briefcases, or if you like to people-watch you couldn´t pick a better spot with the town folk rushing about town.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, cafes

With Christmas around the corner, they are currently serving Christmas Cake and a Latte for €2.70 but today we opted for the cream cake and coffee just €3.00.  Tomorrow it could be the Apple strudel and hot chocolate.  Afternoon tea here is by far and away the highlight of my week

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