Oh what a night!!

Following a week of chaos yesterday for me was a lazy day.  I had done my bit by posting next week’s entertainment programme for The Clubhouse so I could relax in the sun and read my book in the knowledge that the new cook, Chris was going to find his way around the kitchen by cooking breakfast for Whiskey, Whiskey’s wife, Phil the bar manager and himself.

I spoke to Mrs. Whiskey  during the morning and she was buying tablecloths, candles, nightlight holders and those alphabet tiles that you use to name your home or ‘CLUBHOUSE’ .  She said it had been a hectic morning as her parents could not have the children due to an accident, so unbeknown to the cook, he had three extra mouths to feed and boys aged 9 6 and 5 can eat a fair amount.  Apart from that, everything was organised, new patio furniture collected and on its way, buffet arranged through Supreme Foods and delivery time agreed, then the big sweep through, laying up of tables and final check that everything was in place for the opening at 7.00pm.

We arrived just after 6.00pm and the Clubhouse was almost unrecognisable from the previous venue.  Most of the old paraphernalia had been taken down and Phil Crean had used one of the walls to display his beautiful photos of Tenerife which are for sale should anyone wish to purchase.  Phil (the bar man) had worked hard on the bar, I overheard someone saying it had been re-tiled but not so, just cleaned and decluttered.  The patio with its new furniture was looking smart and the views from up in the hills down to the coast are stunning so even the smokers spoilt.

Things to do in Tenerife, Clubhouse

Now it was just a waiting game, would anyone turn up?  Yes, they did I counted over 100 people in the front half of the room, I lost count as to how many were in the area from the bar to the door but it got to the point that ten tables had to be brought inside from the patio and people were still standing round the bar.  Tri (pronounced tree) the waitress has got to be congratulated, her experience in getting drinks quickly to each table was evident and although she was rushing around she still managed to smile and chat with everyone she served.

Did they just come for the free beer and food – I don´t think so, apart from the many Los Gigantes ex-pats, there was a huge German contingent who arrived from the San Juan area who didn’t know there was free anything.  Although the draught beer was on the house, lots of people were drinking spirits, soft drinks and wine, I even spotted a bottle of champagne going to the table in front of ours.  Speaking to Whiskey this morning, despite the freebies he had made several hundred Euros profit that many established bars on the island would be pleased with.

Things to do in Tenerife, Clubhouse

The first entertainment session started with us ‘travelling’ around Ireland, London and Birmingham with the songs we all know. There was a break for food, which was excellent, and enough to feed an army, thank goodness.

Then the lights went down for the second session, loud and powerful, which got everyone rocking.  I tried taking photos but the band members were moving so much,(I’ll blame them and not my shaky hand) Mr AK the drummer literally letting his hair down (he has a pony-tail), Mad-Dog bouncing around and Whiskey giving Steve Vai a run for his money.  This part of the show covered classics such as Voodoo Chile, Cocaine and Sweet Child of Mine.

Things to do in Tenerife, Clubhouse

Finally as the night was drawing to an end and the crowd starting to thin we reached the last session.  I have seen Traveller many times and everyone knows my taste in music is eclectic but this was my favourite part of the entertainment.  With only candle light and stage lights, the curtains drawn and the crowd silent, the acoustic session from just Bluegrass and Whiskey was magical.  The music was mostly original, the guitars and harp soft and the voices tender.  We were treated to songs that Whiskey had written as a youngster, love songs for his wife and lullabies for his children.  The previously boisterous crowd were captivated by a totally different sound from the hard-man that fronts Traveller and the beautiful harmonies of Bluegrass made the hairs on my neck rise.  It was romantic and not just for me the crowd wanted more but unfortunately, we had reached the witching hour when all live music, even out in the sticks, has to end.  One last number and we drifted home happy.

Things to do in Tenerife, Clubhouse

All the hard work was worth it for this night alone, but with the line-up planned and the comments overheard I know that people will be back for more.

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4 Responses to Oh what a night!!

  1. Phil Crean says:

    Certainly was a very enjoyable night; the first of many I’m sure.

  2. tricia says:

    well i said it was going to be a great night and by your blog it was. The clubhouse will go from strength to strength. Well done to everyone involved.

  3. So glad it all went well,

    High 5’s and fist punches to all that made the evening a success.

    Can’t wait to see the place when we next get out

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