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OH and I had to visit Lloyds bank this morning, as we banked with them in the UK, it seemed to make sense we transfer to them when they opened a bank in Tenerife, but they have recently moved from the El Duque area into a large local in CC Fañabe Plaza.  I have not been to this Commercial Centre for a long time and was shocked to see so many empty shops especially as it is in the middle of a busy tourist area, is clean and modern with escalators and glass lifts running to the two floors.  There are plenty of cafes around the edge of the lower level of the CC, all of which are good.  I have been to The Pantry on several occasions and if you are looking for your PG Tips and a barm cake it is worth seeking out.

We left the bank just around lunchtime so decided to stop and have a coffee and snack before heading down to Pueblo Canario to meet with our complex administrators.  As we came down the escalator, we spotted Baby 1960 a small pastelería that also sells lunches, the chalkboard was advertising Spaghetti Napolitana at €2.50.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants

The first thing that attracted us was the music, excellent jazz and although not loud, it was enough to get our toes tapping.  We wandered up to the display cabinet, which had a good selection of cakes, breads and empanadas, and then I spotted them!! Only three left – get in quick before anyone else comes along.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants

Riccia Sfogliatella is a cake that comes from the Amalfi area of Italy and I first tasted it around 1978 or 79 in Ravello.  It is layer upon layer of crispy flaky pastry like filo that forms a pocket into which is stuffed a filling of ricotta, semolina, sugar and cinnamon.  Terribly fattening and oh so morish.   That was it I was hooked, there was no way I was walking past and letting one of these babies go.  I have only seen them a few times on the island; they seem to be kept for special occasions.  There is the bakers in Valle San Lorenzo (the one that opens on a Sunday morning – residents in the area will know the one I mean) that has them around Easter time, but every other time I call in and ask, they just smile and shake their heads.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants

So I was in heaven, I had my cake, my cafe con leche and OH had his Berliner.  These days I usually carry the camera with me, but by the time the cakes and coffee arrived at the table I was not interested in photographing his doughnut.

For anyone wishing to find this little gem and ladies a great excuse to get your footballing husband’s to come along –  it is next to the CD Tenerife shop on the 1st Floor CC Fañabe Plaza.

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  1. Tenerife Nell says:

    Now that’s two reasons to visit Lloyds Bank in Fanabe. Red Queen knows what I mean!

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