The Clubhouse – That Was The Week That Was

I wrote a few days ago about how quickly the Clubhouse was acquired and the speed at which the new owner, Whiskey, wanted it up and running.  Lots of people, particularly on the Tenerife Forum are already rooting for it to succeed and want a blow by blow account of how things are going.  So for their benefit and for the people that will be holidaying in the Los Gigantes area, below is an overview of what has happened to date and a little of what to expect in the future.

Last Friday was the Opening Party , which was a huge success and went far better than anticipated.  It was hoped that this would continue, over the weekend before the bar / restaurant closed for their weekly two day break.

On Saturday Luis, who lives in Alcala, came along to play Flamenco Guitar.  This man is amazing. There are excellent guitarists in the styles they play, but Luis was born into a family of Flamenco guitarists from mainland Spain, most of them professional.  They would all sit and play together at family gatherings … Heaven for me!   So in true Whiskey style he is now taking lessons with him starting next week.  In his own words, “I would love to be playing rock blues and then in the middle of a solo break into this”.  I am sure this will happen sooner rather than later. Many’s the time we have been sitting on an evening chatting, and he has said he would love to travel to the corners of the world and pick different music techniques from street performers and old guys in the middle of a mountain etc.  I have no doubt that one day he will do it because he loves music, all types of music.

Sunday was Open Mic and surprisingly quiet, there were more people in the bar having a drink than entertainers turning up to show what they were capable of doing.  I found it astounding as I had received numerous emails requesting work.  Maybe it is a musician thing but I cannot get my head around someone expecting to be given a job when the employer does not know what they are capable of doing.  Like a lot of us oldies, I know I am a stickler for procedure – just the way Ah wer browt up!   While I was there, I heard a trumpeter playing Desifinado and Girl from Ipanima.  I’m not a Herb Alpert fan however this was enough to get me doing a Bossa Nova on the patio.   Frank the lead guitarist with Predator and his wife came up as did Colin Gibb the base player from Black Lace.  If you don´t know Colin you will certainly remember his hit – Agadoo!!  It stuck with me for the rest of the weekend and now just writing about it I can feel it penetrating the brain… Oh not again – Ag-a-doo-doo-doo, push pineapple shake the tree.

Monday should have been a day of rest but there was lots of tastings going on for the fish and chip supper on Wednesday night.  Fish was purchased from the various catering companies, wholesale suppliers, Iceland and Mercadona.  After sampling all the different makes it was decided that while it may be more expensive to buy, the paying public should only be offered something the team were 100% happy with so a decision was made to go with the fresh fish.  It could have been worse though, if you have to spend a day working the bar is in a pretty setting and even the children and dads were kept amused playing in the car park.

Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and RestaurantsTuesday was put aside to making up menus.  They look first-rate however; my personal view is that there are just too many choices.  Still it is early days and we need to progress along the learning curve.

Wednesday evening was Quiz Night and although the turnout despite the €50 prize was not huge there were 27 people making up five teams.  It was a bit trial and error as the quizmaster did not know the capabilities of those attending, so market research was done at the end of the evening and next week’s quiz will be a bit easier with another picture quiz (that went down a storm) and more for the ladies, as they requested a ‘soap / TV’ category. Everyone seemed to have a good time and at the end of the night all said they would be back for more next week apart from 1 group who were holiday-makers and had only come for the fish supper but stayed on and joined in LOL.  Everyone had the Fish and Chips, there are mushy peas for those who want them, Yuk!, and without exception they all said, they were delicious so the pre-tasting was well worthwhile.

Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants

Thursday saw the start of Whiskeys new project Gypsy Traveller, this is a unique sound and if you prefer an acoustic set, this will appeal to you.  It was a fun night, numbers were low 23 but it was like having your own private gig in someone’s home.  The ‘guests’ were making requests some worked well, others where hilarious as two members of the band had no idea what to expect.

Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants

The brand new tuba player Gabby, from Italy has only rehearsed with them once or twice.  He was spotted walking along the street, tuba under his arm hoping to make a living from busking in the south of the island.  As that is a no, no, he was happy to find someone who has such a unique view of music and he jumped at the chance to play with Traveller.

Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants

Ket Pindoria, an exceptional drummer, who many will know from his business interests on the island, had played with them for the grand total of one hour before going live. The saying that a real professional can go with whatever is thrown at them is certainly true and I hope Ket joins them for more gigs.  He certainly enjoyed himself, listen to him go at the end of this video,  so I think he just might.

So full circle and back to Friday – a whole week since it started.  It was a bit of a panic morning in the style of Calamity Jane as there had been 38 reservations for food and rumour had it a coach was coming in.  It turned out that over 50 meals were served and every plate was clean going back to the kitchen.  The folk group are popular and have promised to play every other week.  So Whiskey is pleased with the first full week.

Plans for the future are to have Sunday lunches, starting this week.  What is left from the roast beef and roast pork will be offered free in a bun with some salad to any bikers who turn up.  As we are all either present or ex-bikers this is a market that we know.  Bikers tend to be good fun and but never get drunk. The location is great they will love the roads in and out and of course there are no neighbours to complain about bikes revving up.  If this works then regular Sunday ‘Hog Roasts’ will be organised.

Things to do in Tenerife, Bars and Restaurants
Something we hadn´t thought about but have now been asked is for a quote for a wedding party.  It seems as if with the right management, right mix of entertainment and food and giving the public what they are looking for, Whiskey could just have hit on the winning formula.

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  1. Phil Crean says:

    What a hectic week, I’m exhausted just reading about it!!!!

  2. Tricia says:

    lovely blog. For just being open for a week it is doing very well. Good luck on the future.

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