Weather Alert AGAIN!! – Tenerife

Not yet out of January and we seem to have had a long winter here on the island.  I don´t normally think we will get our few days of rain until roughly February so to have had several weather warnings during November, December and now January has been at least in my experience quite unusual.

I love the rain, probably because it is a novelty, as we get so little.  When it comes, I am happy to either sit under my awning and watch the beauty of nature or take a walk just to get wet. Yesterday however was not such a day. None of that lyrical, romantic tosh about feeling the cool raindrops falling gently on my face.  I was woken at 3.30am by the loudest clap of thunder and torrential rain beating against the windows.  It was nice to lie in bed and listen to the storm and watch the lightning flash, thinking it would be long gone before I had to go into town the following morning.

After a hunt around the garage I managed to find the long lost umbrella, knowing it would be needed as any parking space in the vicinity of where I needed to be would have been taken.  Having arrived in Las Americas the wind was howling and the rain was not cool but freezing, the umbrella was in danger of blowing inside out and was easier to carry than fight.

Things to do in Tenerife, weather

During my meeting, I could see the sun streaming in through the windows.  Yet as soon as I set food outside again, old Zeus was waiting for me and let go with everything he had.  I just wish I could find out who had upset him!   There were plenty of tourists around, some determined to wear only their shorts and strappy tops, after all they were on holiday, and some thankful they had worn a warm fleecy when they headed for the airport.

I heard one person say the waves were so huge it looked like a tsunami was coming in by Parque Santiago III, so as I was quite close I headed in that direction.  By the time I arrived, the waves were dying down but I managed to see a couple of big ones.  Then as if by some miracle, a bolt of lightning, the wind died and the sea became calm.

Things to do in Tenerife, weather, Stormy seaThings to do in Tenerife, weather, Stormy sea

Things to do in Tenerife, weather,

Things to do in Tenerife, weather,

On arriving home in the hills, the wind was very strong.   My next-door neighbour is on holiday in Mexico and he had left his awning out, as it is secured by two metal braces.  However, this was no good at all.  The braces were snapped in two like spindly twigs, the blind was blowing around like a sail and the arms were flying around hitting the walls and putting my patio windows in danger. In hindsight, it probably looked quite funny seeing OH and I fighting with this huge sail and trying to tie the arms around the balcony railings with string.  At the time, it was quite frightening, the ladder was wobbling, the garden furniture was blowing around and OH had difficulty hearing me scream at him to duck as the arms were whizzing around.  Still it was a job well done and we could thankfully go indoors knowing we would not find our glass door all over the living room floor.

After such a day I decided to have what for me is an early night only to be woken up at 2.00 this morning by more wind and rain.  But at least for now it seems to have passed by.  While I love the rain, I hate the wind and it is hard to think that this is the norm at this time of year in northern Europe and the UK, how on earth did we endure it for so many years.  While this winter may have seemed quite bad compared to other years I still know where I would rather be.

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  1. Alan says:

    Hi M,looked like we picked the best week in jan thank goodness,speak soon,take care x x x

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