San Martin Restaurant (the Pig Farm) – Cabo Blanco

I first went to the ‘Pig Farm’ about this time last year.  Then there was a group of 39 people, mainly ‘swallows’, who formed part of the Art Group in Los Cristianos.   Therefore, when Peter and Beryl, who manage Victoria Court in Los Cristianos, were arranging an evening for people staying at the apartments invited us to join them it was an easy decision to make.  This time the numbers had to be limited to 46 and the format was the same as the previous year.

We all gathered in the large dining room at the back of the bar and sat at long tables covered in paper tablecloths.  Although we went as a group of eight, it is rather nice to strike up a conversation with someone you haven´t met before or chat with people you last saw 12 months ago.  They are a good crowd, a mix of all ages and everyone gets along well, especially after a couple of drinks to break the ice.  Again the entertainment was from Gary J. who sings everything from the 60s to the 90s plus a bit of Swing, but he is booked specifically by the organisers of this night and ordinarily I don´t think the restaurant has entertainment.

When our meal arrived, it consisted of two huge legs of pork. The crackling is exceedingly crunchy and the lady who does the serving is a dab hand at hitting it with the back of her knife and getting it to break into mouth size pieces.  The meal comes with potato halves, cooked in the oven with onions and leeks, crusty bread, salad and various sauces and dips.

It is not the swankiest of restaurants; in fact, it is a restaurante típico and gets its nickname because it specialises in serving the best pork around including suckling pig. It can be found tucked up a side street, opposite the Culture Centre in Cabo Blanco, (10-15 minutes’ drive from Los Cristianos).   A tiny doorway leads into a bar where the locals sit watching TV, mainly football, I would assume, going by the number of cups and trophies displayed on shelves and walls.   Once through the bar there is a corridor that opens up into a reasonable size restaurant, then slightly further on, an enormous dining room, filled with trestle tables.

Of course you don´t have to have a group to go there and you don´t have to have the pork.  There is a very cheap and full menu with most main dishes around €4.75.  I went after my first visit with a couple of friends we had an excellent meal, including a beef stew and chicken cordon bleu, if I remember correctly it was around €18 per couple including a drinks.

It is probably because of the quality of the food and the excellent prices that it is where you find the local police eating.  On the night four of us visited, at least 10 of them arrived for an evening meal; I did ask if we could join their party, which seemed to amuse them.  Again, last night there were five members of the local plod in the restaurant.  With parties of people and plenty of wine flowing, things can get a little rowdy, but neither the police nor the management seem to mind – up to a point!

The “Pig Farm” Telephone: 922 720170 is open every day from lunchtime to late except for Thursdays. The kitchen stays open until 11.00pm.

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