Words, love them or hate them!

Reading the Tenerife forum this week there is a post Do you have a favourite word either real or made up?’ The word ‘moist’ was mentioned and I immediately cringed.  I’m not sure why I hate the word maybe it’s the way my mind works but instead of thinking of a deliciously moist cake, a different connotation springs to mind and all I see are old people in damp underwear.

This got me thinking about my least favourite words, as well as my favourite words.  As of today, I am starting to carry a notebook around with me, I already have 24 favourite words and 17 cringe-making words.  Hopefully I will remember to add to the book whenever I think of a new word or someone says something that just sounds brilliant, you see that is going to be my rule.  It has to be a word I love for the sound of it, it would be nice to know the meaning, but this is not really important, the point is how it feels when you say it.

I wouldn´t mind betting out of the people that are reading this there are a few that fully understand and are chiming in with their own words and conversely those who think I am totally insane.  Here are my two lists so far.  Do feel free to send me your love or hate words, they could make it into my little book.

Apoplectic                          Belch
Bamboozle                         Bile
Cacophony                         Bulbous
Conundrum                       Buttocks
Dappled                              Curdled
Decadent                            Dank
Drizzle                                Festered
Foible                                 Goiter
Hullabaloo                         Lard
Incognito                           Maggot
Luscious                            Mucus
Mellifluous                        Mushy
Murmur                            Phlegm
Nefarious                          Pimple
Panache                            Polyp
Plethora                            Secrete
Ruckus                              Smear


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3 Responses to Words, love them or hate them!

  1. Boadicea says:

    One of my children, when very young, used to say Effalump which I think is a far better name than Elephant.

  2. kate says:

    tippety top!

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