Are you exposing too much of yourself?

A friend sent me a joke about his girlfriend’s surgery, it went along the lines of she had had a butt lift and it ended up looking like this!

So thanks Howard, you got me wondering why people are happy to ‘expose’ themselves on the internet.

The above are just a couple of images from the hundreds that come up when you Google embarrassing photos, the results aren’t pretty but can sometimes be comical.  I wonder if anyone has paid the price, not only in embarrassment, for posting photos on social networks.  There are bound to be people who realise too late that they were doing something they shouldn´t or been somewhere they were not supposed to have been and wish they could do a Marty McFly.

While the old cliché a picture is worth a thousand words is true, it is not just photos that spread information about us to the point it could be out of control.  We are all aware of viruses, spyware, and other nasties that can steal our personal information, and if someone can collect enough odd bits of information, they can pose as you, but how many of us willingly expose ourselves for the world to see.

I was shocked when I typed my name into the search box of Google, there is so much there about ME going back years.  Admittedly, it is not all me – I was never the adjudicator at the Wollongong music festival in Australia but a lot of the information mentioned was not provided by me but others. Each time we add something about ourselves on the internet we enlarge our own digital footprint. Whenever we mention someone else, we enlarge theirs.   A profile on Facebook, anything we write or that has been written about us on discussion boards or blogs, those embarrassing e-fights with strangers on forums are all digitally immortalized. Those dumb comments are permanent.  It’s on Google and is freely available for all to see.

I’ve resigned myself to accepting it is not possible for me to be removed from the web 100% but I am now more aware than ever of just how much information I’m putting out there. I also need to make sure the people in my life are digitally conscious enough to be considerate of my privacy, safety and sanity, in addition to theirs.  Unfortunately for me, this realisation came with age, but better late than never!

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  1. Tricia says:

    Those photos made me laugh. I agree we have to be careful what info we give out.

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