We acquired Marti our small mongrel dog in early January and each day when we go for walks, she looks on enviously as Caña trots along certain pedestrianised areas off her leash.

Things to do in Tenerife, Dog Walking

We had Caña around 6 months before we gave her any freedom so that we were sure she knew her name, came back as soon as she was called and our main concern was that she was in no danger of getting lost.  That was how we came by her in the first place.  Rescued from K9 after being found by the basuras, whether dumped or lost we will never know but the experience was enough to frighten her so much that even now after being with us for almost 3 years she is never more than a dozen steps away and checks on us as often as we check on her.

Now she has her new friend she has been promoted from our little girl to our BIG girl, and Marti follows all of Caña’s examples.  There has been virtually no training necessary as when Caña goes to the loo, Marti goes to the loo in the same spot.  When Caña eats her dinner, Marti eats her dinner and when Caña falls asleep on the settee Marti climbs up and snuggles in too.

Things to do in Tenerife, Dog Walking

Wednesday afternoon was a momentous occasion in Marti’s life and as ‘parents’ we were very proud.   She went for a walk and was let off her leash.  We went to Playa San Juan and parked at the far end of town close to the traffic free walkway that runs along the seafront.  As there was nobody around we wondered, shall we try it, will she run off, decisions decisions.  So unclipping her leash we were ready to pounce just in case she made her bid to escape but lo and behold she wandered along beside Caña, stopped where she did, looked over her shoulder to check we were close by and hopped on and off the walls sampling the great new smells!  We called her name and she turned and ran back to us, wandered off again and then ran back again.  Thoroughly enjoying her freedom, what an exciting day.  Finally, we got back to the car with two very tired girls.

Once home it was dinner, and no matter how tired you are dinner can´t be missed, then she fell fast asleep to dream about what she had done and what she was going to do in the future.  Ah joy!

Things to do in Tenerife, Dog Walking

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  1. Suzanne Hughes says:

    How absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely article! She sounds so adorable x

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