A few days in Seville

It has been a while since I actually wrote anything and while my blogs keep appearing it is because the control freak in me knew I was going to be on holiday so prepared some before I left to be published while I was away.  The beauty of this is that I don´t have to go on Twitter or Facebook (which I hate) as all of this can be scheduled, so I take the easy or is that the lazy option.

It’s been a crazy week, but here I am back from Seville, definitely a great place to spend a spring break.  One thing I loved about travelling at that time of the year is that it is generally less crowded and you can really appreciate the city and its day-to-day life.  This will be our third visit, the first one was just a stopover before driving to Portugal, the second one we only had two days and what we saw made us want to explore further.  When you run out of ideas of what to buy the family for Christmas a city break usually goes down well, at least it does in my family, so this was the reason for our third visit.

After dropping the dogs off we drove to the North airport, not sure why I booked to fly from the North, possibly the flights from the south hadn´t been released at the time but thank goodness we arrived early.   Only after we handed in our confirmation did we find that OH’s residencia had expired at the beginning of the month and he had to pay the difference between a residents and non-residents ticket.  It was then I considered leaving without him but what the heck, he had the bankcards in his wallet so thought I would let him come along for the ride.

Our Vueling flight was good, left 5 minutes early and landed 10 minutes early that meant that our daughter and son-in-law who were coming in on Ryanair were just 15 minutes behind us.  While we waited we people watched, what is it about old Spanish ladies they seem to pluck their eyebrows to within a whisker and then use black eyebrow pencil without looking in a mirror.

We were going to get the bus to the centre and then jump a cab but as it was gone 7.00pm (forgot the mainland are an hour ahead of us) we went straight for the cab.  It was a 20 minute drive and cost €23 to the Best Western Cervantes.  Is he an artist asked the kids, No! we shouted, he is the guy who wrote Don Quixote.   The hotel is tucked away in a tiny side street just 10 minutes stroll from the centre of town, even less once you learn the short cuts.  There are a selection of good bars and restaurants almost on the doorstep.

We met up again after a wash and tidy and went for a meal at Fresco.  As much fresh salad as you can eat, soup, bread, pizza and lasagne plus a drink including beer, coffee and a pudding, either fresh fruit or ice-cream for just €7.90 per person.  You can keep going back to the counter as many times as you like and the young Chinese couple opposite us had 9 plates between them and still popped bread rolls and fruit into their carrier bag LOL.

We walked slowly back to the hotel for an early night as it had been a long day and were glad that the beds were comfortable.

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4 Responses to A few days in Seville

  1. A really nice account of your visit to Seville, it reminded me of my visit there so thanks for the memory nudge!

  2. Jack says:

    To me travel writing should make reader want to visit the place the author is writing about…mission accomplished 🙂
    Thoroughly enjoyed that and the photos are fab too; really seemed to capture the feel of Sevilla.
    And what great weather you had.

  3. Monica Biggs says:

    What a great travel guide you are Red Queen! I really enjoyed reading about the city I long to visit.
    Loved the photos of the Alcazar.
    A nice balance between things to do and not to do. So glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you.

    • It is difficult saying what is worth or not worth doing, at the end of the day everyone has different tastes and enjoys different things so we can only give our own opinions and hope that the reader realises that is what they are and that we are not talking facts, just our individual likes and dislikes.

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