Forced to do Nothing

It rained today, not some short-lived shower to dampen the southern resorts.  It rained all day, for hours on end. So it was with a growing sense of discontent that I was forced to sit back and spend the whole day indoors. I didn´t want to do housework, I didn´t want to read my book.  I refused to go on the forums that I frequent, as I knew that once I did I would be sucked in to chatter and as amusing as it can be, once there time would slip away.

The first half of my day, I peered out the window mourning the lack of the sun and feeling for the tourists who were arriving at TFS airport expecting to be met with glorious heat and instead were faced with rain that lashed, windows and roofs and bounced feet of the ground making it slippy.

photo from internet

Instead I tidied up my laptop and I realized, somewhere around mid-afternoon that I had no regret over those ‘wasted’ hoursI had peered into old folders, browsed dodgy photographs taken years ago and relived some good memories.

The holiday in France when we realised we were in Arles the location of one of our favourite movies, Ronin starring Robert De Niro, Jean Reno and Sean Bean, in the film there was a great gun chase, through the dark, winding tunnels of the amphitheatre which is today used as a bull ring so being the sort of people we are we did our own re-enactment.  Also the scene in Nice harbour where we had been sitting in the cafe and only realised when we watched the film.


In Barcelona’s Boqueria Market where I got passionate and turned all artistic over the fruit and vegetables.


The  time I thought I would hate the Millau Viaduct and it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences I have had.


Finding an English man in a bar miles from anywhere who took us to a Knights Templer Commanderie in France where the sign on a building criticised the modernisation  work as being badly carried out.  It had been done in the 1300s !!


The shopkeeper who wanted to charge me €12 for a stamp just because the castle was Walt Disney’s inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and the movie Robin Hood, starring Kevin Costner, was filmed here at Carcassonne – No way José or should that be Pierre?

And OH racing around like Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code at Rennes le Chateau.

Sometimes it is good to do absolutely nothing, just think about life in general and revisit times gone by.

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