General information about your holiday island.

Shops are open Monday to Saturday between 09.00 and 13.30. They open again from 16.00 – 20.00 (most close on Saturday afternoon).  The big supermarkets are open 09.00 to 21.00 6 days a week. Apart from the major tourist resorts, shops are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.    Souvenir shops tend to open 7 days a week.  Major credit cards are accepted at most shops but you will need photo ID, passport or driving license.

Commercial centres are generally areas of shops, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and nightclubs.  They have CC after their name. The ones on the outskirts of towns cater mainly for the Spanish and usually cheaper than those in tourist areas. This cheaper price is very noticeable in supermarkets catering to the locals. Spanish brands labelled in Spanish are good quality and similar to UK supermarkets own brands.

In Tenerife, most chemists or Farmacia open during normal shopping hours and are usually closed Saturday afternoons.  It is not difficult to find them as they are marked with a green cross.  There is a network of duty chemists that open 24 hours a day to provide cover for emergencies. There is a list displayed in each chemist that gives the address of the one on duty in the area for any given day, so do check the window for the sign.

Over-the-counter medicine is easy to get, apart from antibiotics and most pharmacists will supply the Spanish equivalent of your prescription drugs without a written prescription if you run out.

Although duty free Tenerife it is outside the EC customs territory and as a result the customs allowances for outside the EU apply and you are restricted to the amount you can take back to the UK. To generalise duty free goods are alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and perfumes. It is cheaper to buy these goods from supermarkets than in the airport duty free shops.

There are banks in every town, village and tourist resort in Tenerife. Opening hours are from 08.30 to 14.00 hours Monday to Friday. Between October and June some banks open on Saturday mornings. Outside these hours you can still use the 24-hour cash points.

If you need to go to hospital, Spanish medical facilities are among the best in the world.  Medical and hospital services aren’t free, so be sure that you have appropriate insurance coverage before you travel. You can find a list of some of the hospitals HERE as well as
Las Americas (Green Hospital): 922 75 00 22.
International MEDSERVICE: 922 79 05 63

Only telephone the police if you need them to stop a crime in progress. The police here speak very little English so simply let them know where you are and they will come straight to you.

To report a crime after the event, or to obtain a police report for any reason, you should go to the local police station. If you don’t speak or understand Spanish, take someone with you who does. If the police can’t understand you, they won’t make a report.  If you are the victim of theft and are covered by insurance, you need a police report to make a claim.  An alternative way of making a report is to call the Multi-lingual police central office – 902 102 112.  An English operator will go through your report with you and send it to the local police station

If you’re driving a car, as well as papers for the car you must also carry your driving licence and passport. If you’re stopped and can’t provide all of these, you will get an on-the-spot fine.

Tenerife has a complete and fully integrated Security and Emergency Service.
Emergencies Tel.: 112
Policía Nacional (National Police) Tel.: 091
Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) Tel.: 062
Guardia Civil de Tráfico (Traffic Police) Tel.: 922 283 157
Emergencies at Sea Tel.: 900 202 202

Always supervise children when near water and obey the warning flags
Red              Strong currents do not swim
Yellow        Strong winds and turbulent sea conditions take care.
Green   Safe to swim

Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, Tenerife has the lowest temperature difference between summer and winter for anywhere in the world. The average daily temperatures reach around 24 degrees in the summer and drop to around 18 in the winter months. The island is divided by the mountain range resulting in a hot, dry climate in the south and a cool, tropical paradise in the North. The temperate climate and cooling breezes created by trade winds allow for afternoon golf, tennis, and walking all year round.

JANUARY 23C / 71F                                        JULY 35C / 95F
FEBRUARY 24C / 74F                                     AUGUST 35C / 95
MARCH 25C / 77F                                            SEPTEMBER 32C / 90F
APRIL 27C / 81F                                               OCTOBER 30C / 86F
MAY 30C / 86F                                                 NOVEMBER 27C / 81F
JUNE 32C / 90F                                               DECEMBER 26C / 79F

Visitors interested in obtaining information about Tenerife can do so during the planning stages of the trip This is the official site for the Tenerife Tourism . Once they have reached the island, a list of Tourist Information Offices can be found HERE

The tap water is drinkable but has a salty taste because of the high mineral content. Most people prefer bottled water, which costs about €1.09 for an 8-litre bottle.

If you have brought any electrical appliances with you from the UK they will work but you will have to change the plug (those in Tenerife have two round pins) or buy an adapter, this is best bought in the UK as they are hard to find in the Canaries.  The current used in Tenerife and throughout the Canary Islands is 220 Volts.

South Tenerife Christian Fellowship
first floor Apolo Centre, situated next to the bus Terminus in Los Cristianos. Sunday 11am & 6pm. Church open daily 11.00am to 1.00pm & 4.00pm to 8.00pm.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church
Los Cristianos Masses Tues, Thurs – 7.00pm. Wed, Fri. – 9.00am. Sunday 12 noon – Spanish/English.
International Worship Service – Edificio Verodal behind Post Office, Los Cristianos, Sunday 5.30 p.m.
International Christian Fellowship – Sol Princesa Dacil Hotel, Los Cristianos, Sunday morning 11am in the Video room.  All are welcome
San Eugenio Anglican Church Pueblo Canario, Las Americas (near Hotel Bouganville)  Sung Eucharist Sunday 10.15am. This is an ecumenical church, used by Roman Catholics and German Lutherans
Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church Playa de las Americas behind Tax Office. English mass Sundays 10.00am.
The Holy Spirit Church Los Gigantes Holy Eucharist Sunday 6.00pm
Silencio Christian Fellowship Coral Mar, Costa del Silencio Sunday 11am and 6.30pm
Scandinavian Church Puerto Colon, located first floor facing the Marina Tuesday 7.00pm from October to April. Based (loosely) on the BBC Songs of Praise programme.
CofE Parque Taoro, Puerto de la Cruz Sunday 9.30 Holy Communion 11.00
Roman Catholic Church Nuestra Senora de la Piedad opposite Hotel Monopol, Puerto de la Cruz Sunday 10.00

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