A change of plan

Yesterday evening I asked a group of people what they thought about a certain establishment in Las Americas that a girlfriend had been to with her sister and suggested we try.  I had only ever heard it discussed in derogatory terms – you know the sort of thing…. “good place to go if you want to grab a granny”  – “local knocking shop” – “full of mutton dressed as lamb” etc.  It seems by the answers I got that what I had heard, as rumour could in fact be true.

However, forewarned as they say is forearmed and we are grown-ups so with this in mind I thought rather than dismiss her suggestion again we would try it.

With the make-up in place, the highest heeled shoes I have and the blue décolleté dress that shows just enough but not too much bare flesh I felt like Eva Herzigova’s mother – pretty good really for an oldie.

Girlfriend and I met up as agreed and when I said were we would go she was horrified, Oh No! We can only go on a Wednesday or a Sunday, they are the nights when they have a flamenco show and we get to do Latin dancing afterwards.  The rest of the time, it is moraaliton (those with loose morals)She is Finnish!

We ended up having an Italian meal that was excellent even if I did feel a little over-dressed sitting amongst the old women of the village in their woolly jumpers and ankle boots.   Did I ‘pull’ – yes but only the muscle in the back of my leg as I precariously climbed the high step into restaurant.  Did I catch anything, yes again a very sore throat, a bunged up nose and the beginnings of what feels like flu.  I knew I it was too early to discard the vest!

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  1. Robert Pearce says:

    Well where were you going then. Sounds like I might enjoy it. Must say I just love this website


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