Rock Story – Its a Kind of Magic

I spend a lot of time answering questions on Tripadvisor and although I have on occasions answered queries on Rock Story, I have not had the time or the space in a post to go into too much detail.  It therefore seems only fair that as I have been twice and have as much word space as I need in my blog I should express my thoughts on what I personally experienced from attending the show.

Generally, the question asked is “is it worth paying €25 to see a tribute band?”  Well that depends on who the artists are,  those paying tribute to the great pop and rock artists in Rock Story are in my opinion worth every penny.

If you have seen the posters around south Tenerife advertising the show, you will know that it combines the songs of Abba with Pink Floyd and Queen. However, these tribute acts don´t just stand on stage and belt out the tunes.  Each act has something different to offer and the show would not look out of place on a London West End stage.

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The venue is the Exit Palace next to Siam Park so easy to find if you decide to make your own way there.  We arrived around 9.00pm and had a free glass of cava in the courtyard before taking our seats.  While tables are at different levels, people with mobility problems are catered for as the theatre is ramped.

The show starts at 9.30 with Abba.  The two girls in their 70s glitz soon have the audience tapping their feet and singing along to well-known songs from Dancing Queen to Waterloo and of course Mamma Mia.  After several quick changes and numerous songs that last for some 40 minutes it is time for a 10 minute break and a cringing discussion on did we actually dress like that!

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Next, the Pink Floyd set.  I have to confess this is my favourite section, yet before I went to the show I thought this would be the part I would least enjoy. What I didn’t expect was a light show to rival any major UK venue it was mind-blowing.  My family said it was as good as anything they had ever seen and they have seen hundreds of bands including Pink Floyd several times.  Watch video  HERE (taken from YouTube)

The session opened with two sets of drummers perched high above the stage.  Visual impact is provided by old film footage projected to the back of the stage as well as a Spaceman, was that Dark side of the Moon or Eclipse and a flying Pig (Money).  As if that wasn’t enough, a contortionist twists and turns throughout the session on ribbons and ropes suspended from the ceiling. The 40 minute set showcases the talents of these four guys extremely well and ends dramatically as The Wall crashes down.

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After another short break, we return for the finale, a tribute to the late great Freddie Mercury and Queen. Marc Quee makes a grand entrance riding a Harley through the audience and onto the stage where he belts out a collection of the finest Queen anthems. It’s A Kinda Magic, Bohemian Rhapsody and Radio Ga Ga are crowd pleasers as is the amazing Barcelona duet with Hayley Butler, a Monserat Caballe sound alike.

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In conclusion, is the €25 entrance fee is worth it – I think a wide cross-section of tourists from all over the world will think so.  The organisers haven’t just taken three tribute acts and called it a show.  No detail has been spared, alongside high-tech lighting, professional acts, giant backdrops that tell their own rock story they have given us a wonderful night’s entertainment and we leave at midnight with memories of some of the finest songs of the 20th century ringing in our ears.

**Photos taken from press release material Island Connections**
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  1. Sadly closing, with the last show on 14 June. 😦

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