Parque Las Águilas / Jungle Park South Tenerife

You know when something is just not right.  I wrote this article a few days ago on Parque Las Águilas that is just 500m from where I live.  I got it all ready to publish then in the early hours I started thinking, it didn’t feel right and when I re-read it, it wasn’t right.  Everything was there that a tourist may want to know, great descriptions of the Exotic Bird and Birds of Prey shows that the park gives.  A huge list of all the animals, primates and reptiles, but it sounded as if I was a tour rep selling an excursion and you can find that in a hundred different places by doing a quick Google search.

What I should have been telling people is how extremely lucky I am that twice a day I can sit in my garden and take pleasure in watching the eagles, condors and cranes as they swoop overhead.  These magnificent birds are obviously unaware that they are meant to be restrained to some extent as often they decide to go ‘walkabout’.

On many occasions, we have telephoned the park staff to retrieve parrots that have taken a liking to the trees in residents’ gardens.  A neighbour once found a huge marabou on his back patio that couldn’t get home, as it needed a long run to achieve lift off.  Another time we joined a ‘posse’ and rounded up a condor, ensuring he went home in style in the back of a car.  One of the funniest instances, I think, was when OH went to the bazura.  He came back looking pale and still grasping the rubbish only to say he didn’t feel brave enough to chase away the vulture that was perched on the top of the bins.

I am not a lover of zoos but have been several times as this one has a lot to offer. It is not as some imagine the poor relation of Loro Parque and being just a 10-minute drive from the resorts of Las Americas and Los Cristianos is well worth taking the free transport to see some beautiful animals without the long bus journey involved in getting to the north of the island.

I think perhaps it is better to let the images tell the story of this lovely botanical garden and jungle full of tunnels, waterfalls, lagoons and caves that is home to some 500 animals and birds.  (Photos marked with an asterisk are courtesy of the rest are mine taken over various visits)

For anyone wanting a full day’s entertainment as well as the thrill of scrambling over rope bridges and swishing through the jungle at great speed on a bob sleigh I would highly recommend a visit.

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3 Responses to Parque Las Águilas / Jungle Park South Tenerife

  1. lindsay morrish says:

    stunning place to visit have been so many times. having owned birds of prey this place would be a dream place to work

  2. jean says:

    Love the pics thanks for posting them we came back home on 2nd july so this has cheered me up and now hopefully we will get back in the winter

  3. Lorna Alexander says:

    We thought at first we were looking a bit silly ,two sixty somethings without children going to a zoo ,but we had a fantastic afternoon and the birds of Prey show was amazing There is so much to see and the grounds are beautiful as the photographs show.

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