Tree House Bar and Restaurant – Chayofa

On Thursday evening, we met with four friends for a Curry and Quiz night at the Tree House in Chayofa.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, the tree house

The venue is very different these days and is set up along the lines of a British Pub with a central bar and large TV monitors showing Sky News and Sport.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, the tree houseThings to do in Tenerife, restaurants, the tree house

There was a good crowd in, people ordered the curry at €5 plus €1 which went into a kitty for the winner of the quiz but you didn´t have to have the meal to take part, just add a euro to the collection box – the prize stood at €31.  The 40 questions were relatively easy and everyone did well, with nobody getting less than 50%.   The food was very good, if a little hot for my personal taste and the quantity was unbelievably large especially when you consider the price.

A table next to ours ordered the burger and chips and these looked lovely, smelt nice and again huge portions,  but I have no idea of the price as I didn´t look at the menu.

Things to do in Tenerife, restaurants, the tree house

The only downside in my opinion was customer service could be improved.  We had an accident and spilt a drink across our table, the owner saw this happen as he was less than 10 feet away but while we tried to mop up with napkins, he looked on, continued his conversation and ignored us.  One of the waitresses was lovely, when we went to the bar and told her what had happened she gave us a cloth, she later checked if the food was to our liking, which it was.  The other waitress however was not so.  When initially asked if we placed our order with her she brusquely said ‘If you like’, then walked away to come back 10 minutes later to make sure we all wanted curry although she had already assumed we had as she put a wooden spoon with a number on our table which identified our order .  Later when asked if there were desserts we were told ‘Check the menu’.  Nothing wrong with her replies I agree but they were abrupt and off-hand and made us feel we were imposing rather than giving the bar custom.

Overall, I would certainly go back, the evening was fun and I would like to try some of the food from the menu.  The Sunday lunch sounds nice and I have heard the cook is excellent, hopefully in a while I will be able to confirm this.

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  1. tenerifenell says:

    I have heard other comments about very poor service and people walking out due to being ignored at the bar, so they will have to get their act together if they want to make a success of the business.

  2. Thank you. Hope we get the good waitress! Hubby will enjoy a night here I think. Is it near Finca del Arte?

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