Tenerife gets Technical with Apps for dummies!

One of the most frustrating things I find living in Tenerife is trying to locate a particular product or service.  I had this problem last week and what should have been a two minute job ended up taking me an hour as I waded  through Paginas Amarillas (that’s the equivalent of Yellow Pages to you and me).  It is particularly frustrating as of course, it is in Spanish and I can’t follow the logic.  I ended up calling  the first number that I came across and it was a case of fingers crossed they were what I was looking for.

Many years ago, I worked for IBM and was quite good with finding my way around the workings of the then latest computer on the market. In recent years, however, technology has left me standing.  I have difficulty with switching on the DVD player, recording a TV programme to watch later is totally beyond me.  Only recently have I found out that an iPod is a specific brand of MP3 player, I thought they were very different animals. I was comfortable with phones when they were used for making calls to friends rather than doing all this clever ‘stuff’. Are you getting the picture – I am a dinosaur where modern day technology is concerned.

So what do the above have in common?  I have just learnt that Bptenerife have an iPhone App. “What the hell is an app?” My daughter tells me it is a piece of software  that you can add to your phone to perform various jobs. In the past few years our mobiles and their apps have become so sophisticated that every man and his dog has several which allow him to apply technology to real life useful situations or in the case of many just play games!

I got OH to download the BpTenerife app., as that bit was beyond me, but once done it was so easy to use, even for me.  I can now find any  product or service anywhere on the island. In fact, I have just ordered a takeaway, which took me a couple of clicks.  How come the dinosaur got technical – this new app is in English.

If you are like me and not good with applying the science or if you want to find absolutely anything in Tenerife be it a hairdressers, restaurant, DIY shop or dentist then follow this Link.  I did and life just got so easy!

Things to do in Tenerife - Search for business and products

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2 Responses to Tenerife gets Technical with Apps for dummies!

  1. tenerifenell says:

    I don’t think you are a dinosaur at all Red Queen. You probably know a lot more than many people. The youngsters these days just try to baffle those of us of a certain age!

    Anyway what I want to know is why they’ve only brought the app out for the iPhone and not for Android phones like mine! I was led to believe that Android is going to be the survivor for the future.

    This makes me feel old, but I remember the same discussion about betamax and VHS videos! lol

    • That was an interesting point Nell, so I asked BPTenerife how they came to choose the iPhone.

      The answer is they did a survey of the people listed in Business Pages Tenerife and found 1 in 3 used iPhones, They are though developing an app for Android phones which will be released in December, so while you may have a short step behind you will catch up soon.

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