Home Improvements

When we first decided to move to Tenerife, it was like many of the huge decisions in our life a bit of a spontaneous affair.  We had only ever been once before on a get away from the terrible UK winter break and it was at that point we realised the island had more to offer than we realised.  Until then, like many, we assumed Tenerife was full of lager louts, discos and the sort of holidaymaker you crossed the road to avoid.  It turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

We stayed at the Club Monterey in Torviscas and had a hire a car. We managed to get lost each time we went out always coming back a different route but instead of getting frustrated by this, although I wasn´t the driver, it was an excellent way to see the area.

On returning to the UK, we decided Tenerife could be a suitable place for us to retire and I started doing my ‘homework’.  I hadn´t a clue about what type of place we would end up living or in fact what sort of area so the first stop was the internet.  I found Venli Estate Agents and probably used their website more than any other.  It was frequently updated and the properties had several photos and good descriptions, unlike some websites.

Of course as far as I was concerned Callao Salvaje (couldn´t even get my tongue around pronouncing it at that time) could have been Timbuktu for what I knew about it.  Still we decided that we would visit the island again and see which areas we liked and which we could dismiss.  We stayed in Sueño Azul in Callao for a week, which gave us the chance to talk to the people at Venli who were extremely helpful.  Although the village was not for us, the staff in Venli gave lots of information about properties on their books and told us about areas that may be suitable and more importantly that we could afford.

It was shortly after that visit that we bought our house in Chayofa, staying at Los Clavellas in Los Cristianos while the paperwork was signed.  We originally thought that we would end up in an apartment in the resorts and while that would not have been a bad thing, I am glad we took the opportunity to move slightly away from the tourist areas.  Everything is now perfect, close enough for when we want to be in the centre of things yet far enough away for peace and tranquillity.

Once we were ensconced in our new home, we decided to change a few things in line with our taste.  The first was a new kitchen, although there was nothing wrong with the kitchen we had, I wanted shiny and new and Venli’s name came up again.  If their home improvement department was anything like their estate agency, we were happy to get a quote from them.  The next job was to make an additional room in our huge garage, the Venli name came up again as they also do construction.  Finally, we are considering having a pergola fitted to the outside of the house. This is the sort of thing I have in mind,

Building project in Tenerife

We now know Venli very well and realise they have their own carpentry department, so will be asking them for a quotation.  They are not the cheapest company but they have an excellent reputation and the quality of their work is outstanding.  It has been a while but I am looking forward to dealing with them again. I trust they are still as professional as they have been in the past which is something you can´t put a price on.

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