Isn’t it ironic?

Several months ago, I wrote a blog on exposing yourself on the internet.  That particular article has been viewed by 6,857 people leading me to assume that many thought it was relating to something entirely different.  Now isn’t that ironic?   Or is it?

You will often hear someone say, “Isn’t that ironic?” when in fact it really isn’t.  Apparently, according to an American study in 78% of instances the word “irony” is used incorrectly. Isn’t that ironic?   What most people mean by irony is coincidence, sarcasm, simply unfortunate or even improbable, so rather than join the ranks of those 78% I would prefer to just visualise irony – as they say A picture is worth a thousand words.


As can be seen from the above images numerous websites are dedicated to irony.

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  1. Sam says:

    Article writing isn’t the easiest thing to do, but you are good at it. I am glad you shared this information and I agree with the points you have made.

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