For every bad, there is a good

There are some days that make you wonder how you manage to get through them and remain sane.  Today has been such a day.

Driving to the supermarket to get the weekly shop, a job I hate anyway, I was confronted with a line of quad bikes.  The leader of the group, obviously the guy who was ‘experienced’ and knew what he was doing, was driving along on my side of the road, looking over his shoulder to check his posse were all OK.  He almost ran up the bonnet of my car and would have ended up sitting in my lap if it hadn´t been for a sharp hoot on the horn.  I suspect most people would be embarrassed at showing a party of excursionists this act of stupidity but not this brave leader, he gave a cheery shrug and waved his troops onwards and upwards towards the narrow mountain roads.  The mind boggles!

Next stop the supermarket.  First you have to circumnavigate the car-park where although there are plenty of spaces you always get the person who wants to be near the doors so parks on the roadway forcing anyone with a trolley to negotiate a curb rather than the slope and everyone who is trying to leave to squeeze their cars between the narrow gap of bollards and bumpers.

I normally try to avoid Friday’s as they seem to be the worst day of the week.  We used to have a saying ‘Does your mother know you are out alone?´  There is the guy who looks as if he has had an accident in his pants crawling along with his trolley.  He sees an acquaintance turns to wave and ends up playing bumper cars with the rear end of shopper who is walking in front.  There is the family who can ´t make up their mind which product to buy so they have a drawn out discussion while blocking the whole aisle and there is the couple who dither around in front of you picking up, putting down and then finally choosing a totally different product while you dodge left, right and finally decide to come back to the shelf once they have moved.

Fortunately there is usually something good that turns the day around and today I had a phone call from Megacentre in Adeje, they told me the coffee machine I had returned was waiting to be collected.  I am really impressed with the service from this store.  I bought the machine 2 years ago and it worked fine until 2 weeks before its guarantee ran out.  At that point the steamer gave up.  I returned it to the store thinking with so little time left on the guarantee they may reject it but No, it was sent away.  The next I heard was to say they no longer made the model and it would take a little while for them to source the part.  That was in June.  I called in on Monday morning and said I had not heard anything, only to be told if it was not back by the end of October, they would give me my money back or I could choose a replacement.  Either would have been acceptable but fortunately for me I received the call and now have my old machine back.  It is working like a dream, so I am now enjoying a lovely cup of frothy coffee and contemplating the day.

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