Sorting out the paperwork.

I can´t believe how easy that was!

I realised that my Tarjeta Residencia (resident ID card) had run out several months ago and OHs a few weeks before that, but we have been putting off renewing them.  Even though my old card is well out of date, it has been accepted with just a quick glance from the staff in shops and supermarkets as proof of identity when using my credit card.   It can, of course, be used for reduced prices at attractions and cheap flights to the mainland but there were no plans to do either on our horizon.

Nevertheless, I thought we should ‘bite the bullet’ and renew for the Certificado Registro Residente – the “green paper” that gives our NIE. With this in mind, I told OH to prepare himself for a few frustrating hours.  The last time we did this, even arriving at the crack of dawn, there were hundreds of people lined up outside and packed like sardines inside the Police Station.

We realised we were late when we had to drive round Las Americas twice looking for a parking spot.  In the end, the closest we could get was the car park at The Palm Beach Club.  After hiking up the hill, we arrived at the Police station just before nine o’clock and could not believe there was no queue outside.  As we entered we wondered if everyone had their tickets and the allocation for the day had closed and we would need to come back another day.  Wrong again, there were only two people in front of us and we were issued with tickets to get the 790 forms.  This took a matter of minutes so we headed off to the bank to pay and get the forms stamped.

Huffing and puffing back up the hill as fast as my little legs would carry me, we again arrived at the desk and received tickets 89 and 90.  I glanced at the board and it was showing the person with number 83 was being seen.   There is a waiting area with seats facing the various service desks but before we got to a seat our number was showing so we took the paperwork to section A.

In under five minutes, the young police officer had printed and stamped our certificates.  That was it. All done!  Before leaving, I quickly checked the green form and could see no expiry date.  So asking the officer when these should be renewed, he laughed and said “Never, these last for life”!!!  Personally, I’m not too sure, they are a bit flimsy.

We arrived back at the car at 10.00am and what we had been dreading had turned out to be a pleasant experience, the hardest part of the whole process had been finding somewhere to park but for anyone who knows Las Americas this is not unusual.

Should anyone need help or clarification on what paperwork is required contact Diana McGlone at she can also help you with driving licenses, registering with a local doctor, making your will, in fact almost any paperwork that leaves the average Brit totally confused by the Spanish system.

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