Frydays – Best chippie in Los Cristianos

I am not a great lover of fish and chips, probably because as a kid, being brought up on Hartlepool’s Headland on the North East coast of England, I got sick of the sight of fish.  My dad met the trawler men most days to see what the daily catch was and we would end up with, albeit fresh, the bargain of the day.

These days I rarely eat fish and chips and the day of the K9 Sounds of the 60s and 70s charity event was no exception.  One of the things I am wary of is what as kids we used to call ‘overland fish’ meaning it had a peculiar taste, it has spent time travelling from one location to another so was unlike the fish we were used to –  straight out of the sea and into the pan.

The owners of Frydays a fish and chip shop that has only been open a few weeks, offered to give 20% of everything they took during the day towards K9s fundraising.  Throughout the afternoon, people wafted in and out of the bar with huge trays of food and admittedly, it smelt very good.

Sue kept waving her hand over her battered sausage and chips so the smell would drift in our direction and sure enough, OH was tempted.  He pinched a couple of her chips and declared them good and should we have some too rather than go home and cook.

I agreed but said I wouldn´t have the fish, I didn´t fancy battered sausage but if they had a burger without a bun I would have that.  What I got was a burger almost the size of a tea plate.  OH had ordered fish and chips but as everything is cooked to order, his meal was a few minutes behind mine and Graham the owner of Frydays brought it into the bar for him.

Things to do in Tenerife, FRYDAYS  Things to do in Tenerife, FRYDAYS

The chips were ‘proper’ chips not fries as they serve in fast food chains, these had only ONE ingredient – potato, not the least bit greasy and the portions were huge.  It was afterward I learnt they also do portions of ‘scraps’ you know the crispy bits of batter that fall from the freshly cooked fish, now they are yummy, if terribly fattening!

I couldn´t finish my meal but managed to attract the attention of a four-legged friend who helped with the burger, obviously far to spoilt to want chips.  It cost €12.50 for the two meals but OH said he would have paid more for what was easily the best fish supper he had in a long time. Excellent!

I took our basket of cutlery and condiments back to the shop and was surprised at how large it was.  There is enough room in there not just for customers, who can enjoy a leisurely meal in the restaurant, but also to hold a large party and everything was spotlessly clean.

Whether you want quality, traditional cod or haddock and chips or any of their other choices to eat in or a meal to go, I would certainly recommend Frydays.

Things to do in Tenerife, FRYDAYS  Things to do in Tenerife, FRYDAYS

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