In ‘hot water’ or not as the case may be!

If you believed everything you read you would be of the opinion that there are no honest service providers in Tenerife and that everyone is waiting to con you, rip you off and just take as much money from you as possible.

In the past, we have had excellent service from the people we have used and put it down to being more a case of luck than the general rule.  It was, therefore, rather disconcerting that when we realised there was no hot water we were apprehensive about calling a plumber, as they seem to have the worst reputation of all.

Fortunately having used P J Electricals Services to add a pressure gauge to our mains water supply a few years ago, the young man who came had been helpful, polite and completed the work efficiently and I had kept his business card.

With fingers crossed, we called him at the weekend (of course if had to be a weekend to find the boiler blown) and he promised to come and see what the problem was on Monday morning.  True to his word, he arrived on time and went to check the boiler.  Within seconds, he said we did not need a new one but we did need a new switch.  What a relief, he bypassed the switch, told us where to get a replacement, wrote down the details so there could be no mistakes and showed us how to rewire it.  The cost of the switch would be around €8 or €9 much better than we had anticipated. The last thing we wanted after recently returning from holiday was to have to find several hundred Euros for a new water heater.

Now for some reason boilers in Tenerife are notorious for only lasting a few years, we had had ours for at least 8 years so we were expecting the worst.  Paul could have taken advantage of us and our ignorance and I am sure there would be some that would but this young businessman gave us the best advice and service possible and for that reason alone I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his company to anyone.

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