Bitter & Twisted at Vivo, Tenerife

Saturday night OH and I were invited to attend the launch of the Dinner Show, which is being offered as a new excursion by Vivo in Las Americas.  Despite the fact that I am constantly hearing that the southern resorts are deadly quiet, it is always hard to find somewhere to park. Obviously, nobody has told all the car owners who take up every space between Los Cristianos and La Caleta but Vivo have their own huge customer car park attached to the venue so this was a bonus.

Although at the edge of the clubbing area of Veronicas and Starco, this venue is a cut above the rest. Over the years, it has had several name changes; some will remember it as Pleasure Island, some as Bonkers or Chasers.  I have only ever been once in the past to see the resident band the Wildboyz, and then as now, it was called Vivo.

We arrived just before 7.00 and Chris the owner was placing Lindt chocolates on all of the tables – this place is already getting my sign of approval. I asked if, while we drank our Bucks Fizz and waited for a commemorative photo to be taken with the entertainers, I could wander around and take some photos.   Isn´t it sods law that I recognised the photographers Flyfotographers from previous events and they recognised me. OMG, I just hope it wasn´t because I was wearing the same outfit as the last time we met.  However, I digress… back to Vivo’s.

The main purpose of the night was to sample the new dinner show and I believe see the new layout (unfortunately, I can’t remember the old) but the venue is nothing like you would imagine in this party metropolis for the young.  It is extremely classy, with clean and modern decor.  The nightclub includes a spacious bar and dining area with good quality linen and most importantly comfortable seats.  There is a Terrace Bar at the front of the building, an extensive terrace with pool tables and bar at the rear as well as a mini golf course. A river meanders through the kids fun area, a real Treasure Island reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean and for those who want it strategically placed TVs that show all the live sports.

Vivo  Tenerife  Vivo  Tenerife Vivo  Tenerife  Vivo  Tenerife

The three-course meal was delicious.  It was cooked on the premises and consisted of homemade tomato soup or tomato stuffed with tuna, guacamole and smoked pork, followed by roast chicken with peas, carrots, onions and sliced potatoes and rounded off with either ice cream or profiteroles.  There are various packages to be had, for €25 you get the show and the meal, for €35 you get wine, beer or soft drinks included for the whole of the evening and for an extra €10, you can upgrade to spirits, mixers and a greater selection of wine, although the house wine was very drinkable.

Vivo  Tenerife Vivo  Tenerife

The entertainment then followed.  I have seen Bitter and Twisted the drag duo several times and always thought they were more suited to hotels than bars, especially a bar in the 18-30 clubbing area.  I don´t know if I have been unlucky but I have only ever seen them do the same performance so was expecting the world of airline attendants and a rendition of It Should Have Been Me.  It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see an almost totally new show.  The camp dresses, big make up, false eyelashes, big hair and sequins became more outrageous as the show travelled in time through the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.  Of course, if I had thought about it the show is called Decades!!  The duo, although miming, are of course word-perfect and have the audience howling with laughter and while they are both extremely professional, I particularly like Barry (the little one) who flings himself into each routine with total abandon.  The show also has three young dancers who are very good and hold everything together while only a vivid imagination can picture what is taking place with the costume changes behind the scenes.

Vivo  Tenerife Vivo  Tenerife Vivo  TenerifeVivo  Tenerife Vivo  Tenerife

For a ‘first night’ everything ran exceptionally well, there is little to iron out in the way of service, which was attentive, quality of food which was very good or smoothness of the performances – I understand from Mark, the manager of Vivo that the show will change every 4 or 5 weeks so even residents can return on a regular basis and not have the same experience.

Vivo  Tenerife

If you look up the translation of Vivo, it says ‘alive’, ‘bright’, ‘hot’ and this bar is all of those things as well as being family-friendly.  It is not just for the younger generation and neither is this show. I would recommend it as great value, great fun and would be happily to take my grand-daughter to see it and know that she would find it hilarious and more importantly I wouldn´t feel embarrassed by any of the antics.

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9 Responses to Bitter & Twisted at Vivo, Tenerife

  1. Ken Sonier says:

    I am always looking online for posts that can help me. Thx!

  2. Chris Chambers.Torquay,Devon.UK. says:

    Read with Great interest your lovely review for the Opening Night of Vivo,im so pleased that everything went so well,im sure there is a demand for this ‘Quality’ type of Venue and Entertainment in Las Americas, I was particularly pleased that you enjoyed the show, I know how much hard work goes into the making of a Good Performance.

    I too have seen Bitter and Twisted many times on my frequent visits to Tenerife and caught their Touring show, Im guessing that when they are travelling and doing mostly two shows a night at different venues it is difficult for them to carry the bigger Costumes. I did however manage to see them appearing earlier this year at their own Venue in Puerto De La Cruz,The Majestic,I saw three different Shows in three nights all of an hour duration,the Costumes were nothing short of Spectacular,and the routines were stunning,these particular shows would have been impossible to stage whie touring due to the size and complexity of the costumes and staging.

    Im delighted that the act is now once again in residency and I implore any visitors to Tenerife who have only experienced ‘Bitter and Twisteds’ Touring Show in the Bars and Hotels,to go along and see them at Vivo, where they can see a most Fantastic Show, thats well thought out, well costumed, and family friendly in its content(which is a rareity these days when smutty bad language seems to be the order of the day). Bitter and Twisted are Very Funny and during this awful recession we all need a good night out, a good laugh, in nice surroundings, good value for our money, so I say VIVA VIVO, and good luck, its Just what Playa De Las Amercas needs. Long may it continue.!!!!!!!!!

  3. You may have been wearing the same outfit, but you still looked gorgeous!!! Great to see you again, so glad you enjoyed the fab show…. see you again perhaps??!!!
    Fly Fotography xx

  4. What a wonderful review. I am delighted that you enjoyed the show and felt able to write such a fabulous review, even though you liked Barry more than me. I think he is good too!
    I hope everyone feels the same way! xxx
    John from Bitter and Twisted

    • Don´t worry John, Stephen who was with us liked you best and he is far younger and prettier than me!! Hope the show continues to do well as everyone has put a lot of hard work into it. xxx

    • Barbara Brown says:

      Hi there John, we came to see your show whilst on holiday between the 9th – 23rd December. It was absolutely brilliant!! Particularly loved the Barbara Woodhouse sketch, hilarious!!!!, and the It should have been me, both of which made us laugh until our sides ached!!! Please don’t ever make it less funny and suitable for families, there are too many blue comics out there with shows you are embarrassed to be at. Your show was pure unalduterated fun, on a par with those great entertainers The Two Ronnies. Thank you for a great night out. Barbara and Alan Brown

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