Please take my photo – Children of Rajasthan

The Indian people are happy and friendly and not shy in asking you to take their photo, even groups of young teenage boys, which is something unheard of in the western world, will give you the biggest smile and say click click!!  Proud parents will approach you and push their giggling little ones forward and once you have finished talking to them there are more families waiting to catch your attention.


I particularly loved the children who are so keen to gain an education.  Despite the poverty and the conditions they live in their school uniforms are immaculate. Begging is in the genes so whenever you pass them whether they are rich kids or poor, they asked for pens for school.  When I go back to India, and I certainly will, I’ll pack a large bag of biros and lots of fruit sweets.

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Some even get dressed up in the hope of catching a keen photographer’s eye.

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