Working hard and staying alive – everyday life in India

While the holy men are not above a bit of chicanery the everyday man, woman and child in India has a high work ethic. They do whatever is necessary to earn a daily crust in horrendous conditions.

Initially I felt a bit mean giving people 10 rupees, approx 7.5 pence, when I specifically asked to take a photo. It’s not much, but considering 94% of the population are surviving on 26 rupee a day they were thrilled.  Our driver believed he had an extremely well paid job at £200 a month!  He loved his work and was good at it, before that he was a truck driver and like many had to use drugs to stay awake in order to meet the tight schedules required to carry goods from Kashmir to Mumbai or Calcutta.

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They may not have the best conditions in which to live and work, but nothing stops these industrious people from keeping clean and offering whatever service the general public needs.

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