Azulon Restaurant – Torviscas Tenerife

As some of you may remember, our friends come to Tenerife each year for two weeks and we always try to find somewhere special to eat. I should have written this at the time but life has been rather hectic, however while the review may be a bit late I am sure the results will be the same as they were on 17th November.

This year we took them to the Terrazza del Mare which I have mentioned previously as I know it is consistently good.  Before I could think of another restaurant they might like I had a phone call from Charles saying the lady who sells suntan lotion around the complex swimming pool had recommended Azulon and had I heard of it.  As it happened, I had heard good reports about this restaurant but having checked their menu on line I didn’t find it terribly tempting.  Still we are here all year and can go anywhere we please, it is only fair to take our friends somewhere they fancy.

On the day we were due to meet we drove up to Azulon to book a table.  Although it is nothing to look at from the outside and could easily be missed, if you just keep heading up Torviscas Alto you will come to it just before you reach the end of civilisation.

Our table was booked for 8.00pm and when we arrived there was a party of 4 people sitting in the corner.  We had the choice of where to sit and thought there may be a view (being so high up) so picked the terrace.  It turned out there was no view at all, but it was a pleasant evening and although the inside of the restaurant was beautifully decorated, it seemed a bit clinical, possibly because it was a cool blue and white.


We were given the menu and the confusion started, there was the ‘Tasting Menu’ at €31 per person where you could sample various dishes, then there was the ‘Small Menu’ which did not show any starters.  While we were discussing what we would and wouldn’t like we were given a bowl of black olives and toasted bread.  Nice as it did not appear on the bill.

Being awkward we then proceeded to mix and match so ordered the Carpaccio of veal (I have eaten raw beef before but never veal) and tuna from the Tasting Menu and the Ravioli from the Small Menu.  We shared these two dishes between the four of us.  They were delicious.


For our main the two men had the pork which came looking like slices of chocolate cake on their plate but they said it was very tasty.  Valda had the fish, which was done to perfection and I had the steak … I know boring but I am not a great lover of either pork or fish so the choice was limited. All the meals came with a delicious risotto and a pear cooked in red wine and filled with a mild curry cream.


There wasn´t much choice for dessert with only four things to choose and if you don’t like chocolate that reduced it to two.  We had the chocolate and banana and the Breton, which was a type of custard with some fruit.  It was very heavy and clung to the palete but the mixed berry sorbet that came with it was scrumptious


What the restaurant lacked in customers it made up for in service, what it lacked in choice it made up for in the quality of the food.  I just hope enough people search out this place because overall it was, if a little pricey, very nice and I would certainly eat here again.

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