Los Roques de Fasnia – Tenerife

This afternoon’s outing led us along the TF1 motorway towards Santa Cruz and as we reach the halfway point, I spotted the white domes of the Oasis restaurant.  To my mind, as its name suggests, it looks like an oasis in the wild landscape that is the coast of the municipality of Fasnia.  There are always plenty of cars outside and every time we pass, I usually say we should pull off the road and see what it is really like.  Today we did this but we could not actually go into either the Oasis or the brand new restaurant opposite as we had the dogs with us.  Instead, we headed down the winding road to the coast below and the village of Los Roques that is little more than a stunning outcrop of rock spat out into the sea.

Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

As we reach the bottom the road divides, both signposted to the ‘beach’. To the right, Playa de Los Roques; to the left, Playa del Abrigo.  Pulling round to the right we park at the edge of what was once, maybe still is a football pitch, but there is no beach.  Instead, before us, the landscape that unfolds is volcanic rocks splashed by waves. The dogs and I are almost blown away as an unexpected strong wind whips up, but it is a nice vantage point to take photos.

Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

Beside a deserted house, there is a short pathway that leads down to renovated steps that in turn lead to the tiny shingle beach and half a dozen Canarian houses and a chapel all built into one of the two rocks that give the village its name the other rock is a short distance out to sea.

Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

Returning, we take the road back to Playa del Abrigo. We pass some modern apartments a small, new estate of terraced houses and what looks like a deserted Culture Centre except its Christmas streamers can be seen hanging behind the smoked glass windows; this is the only sign of life running its quiet course in peaceful Los Roques.

Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife   Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

Opposite the Culture Centre, the sea was quickly eating away at the small dark sand and shingle beach.  There is no need for a beach warden to put up a red flag, like the rest of the town the beach is deserted. Tucked in behind the main rock the neglected Bahia Apartments with their flaking paintwork didn´t look as if they would tempt many tourists, even those who wanted to leave everyday life behind and do nothing but enjoy the view of the sea.

Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife  Los Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

As we left, we passed two more tourists, camera in hand who probably like us thought by the number of cars parked at the top of the road there was more below the Oasis than there really is.

Roques de Fasnia, Tenerife

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