Springer’s Bar, Oasis del Sur, Los Cristianos

There is a line of restaurants in the Oasis del Sur area of Los Cristianos that is locally known as the El Mirador strip, named after one of the large apartment blocks that adjoins it. These, in general are good value as most have a ‘specials’ board that offer cut price food such as fish and chips for under €5 one or two days a week.  They are what I would essentially call places serving ‘tourist’ type food.  That is not meant to be derogatory but in today’s crisis many holidaymakers are looking for cheap food and plenty of it – stuff yourself ‘til you burst Chinese buffets and Mongolian BBQ or full English breakfasts that will keep healthy appetites at bay for most of the day.

There are a couple of rather special upmarket Italian and tapas bars, namely Biancos and Tasca DiViDa along this stretch of bar / restaurants but it is to the ‘cheap and cheerful’ type of establishments that I meet my girlfriend when we want an easy on the purse Ladies wot Lunch get together.

We did this recently, first stopping in Shambles bar for a drink before having a nose around the shop that has recently opened that is overflowing with handicrafts from India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand. I love some of the Buddha ornaments and friend was particularly taken with some wall plaques but ended up buying a bracelet that looked rather classy and would save her worrying about taking expensive items to Zimbabwe when she goes in a few weeks.

We then wandered along to Springer’s bar after checking out the menus and prices at Harvey’s, Taylors Lounge and Manhattans Bar.  They all offer similar menus that consisted of something with chips and salad but the prices varied quite a lot.  We chose Springer’s because friend spotted Cajun chicken on the board and fancied something light.  It was also light on the pocket at only €4.95.  I dithered as usual, didn´t know what I fancied and after the waitress hovered backwards and forwards several times, I more or less stuck a pin in the menu and came up with a burger.

Los Cristianos restaurant, tenerife  Los Cristianos restaurant, tenerife

The servings were very generous, my burger with lovely fried onions was €5.00 and with a couple of glasses of very drinkable house wine and a cola lite, the bill was €16.  I was ‘good’ and left the bread roll only because I spoilt myself with the chips which were homemade and the way chips should be, crispy outside fluffy inside.

The service was good, the chef, as in any high class restaurant, came out to check that everything was to our liking,  If you want a cheap meal, freshly cooked and not straight from the freezer this place takes some beating.  We will certainly keep it on our ‘will return’ list

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  1. Sally Vincent says:

    Springers also serve amazing breakfasts at a very reasonable price!

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