An unusually cold winter!

You know the weather is unusual when posts discussing it dominate social networking sites and Tenerife forums.  It is usually accepted that no matter what time of the year holidaymakers visit, particularly those from northern Europe, they will almost certainly have better weather than they left behind. From personal experience, I have found February has always been the most unpredictable month and we are guaranteed a good downpour sometime during Carnival.  Well Carnival is in full swing and at least where I live we have only had a couple of hour’s rain and not the 60mm forecast.  The sun is high in the sky and looking through the window it looks like a perfect summer day but the temperatures of the past two weeks are the coldest I can remember since moving to the island.

It has been claimed that the weather has not been this bad in 25 years and suggested that that is only applicable to a part of Tenerife and not the whole island.  I am just grateful I don´t live in the part that is obviously used to the cold.  Some say we are experiencing the tail end of the weather front affecting the rest of Europe.  They may be right I don’t know and I don´t really care.

Selfish yes!  My concern is how am I supposed to dress properly for cold weather when we rarely experience it.  What do I choose when the warmest thing in my wardrobe is one cardigan, a pair of Levis and some trendy ankle boots with open backs!  There is now snow on Teide normally a remarkable sight to behold from the warm Las Vistas beach but with a daytime temperature of 13C a different story. And as for the ‘inspirational’ proverb, “Snowflakes are kisses from heaven”. Go tell that to the holidaymakers who came for a break away from digging out the car and shovelling the path.  I bet it will be really comforting.

Courtesy of Turismo de Tenerife

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3 Responses to An unusually cold winter!

  1. tenerifenell says:

    Glad to hear the sun’s out again! You must be getting very used to the temperatures like a native. It might be cold but you don’t have the continual grey that epitomises the winter here! Now consider yourself suitably told off for moaning, LOL

  2. tenerifenell says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling the cold in Tenerife. Here in the North-East of Scotland, we are experiencing unusual weather also. We have had no snow this year and temperatures have very rarely fallen into minus figures. Las year we had several bouts of temperatures between -20 and -12 degrees. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t arrive but there are no guarantees of that – we have been known to have snow at the end of April! I am grateful to England for accepting Scotland’s snow this year hee hee! Friends of ours spend their winters in Sicily to get away from the cold weather here in Scotland and I know that they too are experiencing colder than normal weather. I compare the temperatures every other day and to be honest there hasn’t been a big difference between where they are in Sicily and where we are in Scotland – who would have thought that possible?
    However, I wonder if you are forgetting about the fantastic weather that the South of Tenerife experienced around Xmas time. As you know we were there for 3.5 weeks and in all that time, we only had 4 days with cloud – the rest of the time it was a brilliant clear blue sky with temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. I guess that the actual temperatures you are experiencing speak for themselves but I’ve just today received an email from guests who have just returned from staying in our house and this is what they had to say ” We’ve been to the island many times over the last 25 years – we just went for the weather and it was quite kind to us,”
    Perhaps this unusual weather is the start of a new 7 year cycle which apparently weather runs in!

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