The other La Caleta – Tenerife

If anyone mentions La Caleta, I am sure the image that invariably comes to mind is of the rather select small resort at the posh end of Las Americas or should I be calling it Costa Adeje. This La Caleta, that was once a typical Canarian fishing village, now boasts expensive five star hotels and restaurants serving delicious fresh fish dishes.

There is, however, more than one La Caleta.  The one on the coast of Arico is slightly smaller and if select is based on the number of people who know of its existence then this is ahead of the game. It consists of only a few houses snuggled into the landscape.

La Caleta, Arico

Rather than restaurants serving fish, you are more likely to find a lone angler trying his luck where the sea laps in gently to a tiny inlet of sand and rock.  Apart from him and us, the village seems deserted and the only sound to be heard in this unspoilt part of the island is the lapping of the waves.   This must be what is meant when people talk about tranquillity.

To get to THIS Caleta you have to go down the road past La Arena, yet again this is not the one we automatically think of in the west of the island….But this one

La Caleta, Arico

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