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At the end of last year, I went to Vivo Treasure Island in Las Americas to see Bitter and Twisted in the new dinner show Decades, which is an hilarious cover of the songs of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  It was an excellent evening but my concern was that having seen it once, for us residents there would have to be a long gap before we visited again, otherwise it would be too much of the same.  In December when OH and I were there we were assured the show would change regularly and true to their promise, that was the reason for our visit on Saturday night.  We were going to a first night, not just any old first night but a Hollywood Premier ……….. where Decades goes to Hollywood!

The evening starts early, we were asked to be there for around 7.00pm. We did, however think even at that time, which is normally quiet, we could be late.  What the hell were all the cars doing backed up along Avda Santiago Puig?  You would think with writing my Things to Do each month article I would have know, but no I had forgotten that it was Opening Parade of Los Cristianos Carnaval and dancers, clowns and bands were winding their way along the seafront.

We finally arrived at Vivos and were met by the handsomest of PRs, (well I thought he was gorgeous – OH thought he was pleasant but that’s as far as it went!).  His name is Barry Sparkle and from the moment we walked up the stairs to the terrace he made us feel special.  Not just us, he made everyone feel special.  I think all the PRs in the southern resorts should take lessons from Barry on how to offer great service without annoying the tourists.

Once on the terrace we were offered our Bucks Fizz and photos were taken with Bitter and Twisted.  Now note John contorted face.  I had just told him off for wearing the same outfit he wore last time we had a photo taken together – wearing the same thing twice is my prerogative – ask Lorna from Flyfotography.

We were given a spoon with our table number on it and after drinks and chocolates on the terrace (these are all part of the package) were shown to our tables.  Our waiter for the night was Alex and our drinks waitress was Sam.  She did a great job ensuring our glasses were topped up all evening and Alex ensured the service of the meal was smooth.  The food was excellent, a similar meal to the Decades show apart from the main course, which was Pork, you can see from my plate how much was left – even I couldn´t manage the toothpick.

After the meal, the show began – I lurve musicals.  I can´t remember how many were covered but they were numerous.  It is one of those shows that you enjoy singing along to every song.  Frightening to realise just how many you remember word perfect (particularly the old ones).  The Decades dancers did a great job.  They are all very professional but for me Bambi held the stage each time she came on.   It was only at the end of the show we found out she was the choreographer.

So, after covering Sound of Music, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Rocky Horror, 101 Dalmatians, Cabaret and a whole host of others it was time for a comfort break and a cigarette for those who felt the need and for OH to recover after having his illusions shattered when he saw in real life the Wicked Queen from Snow White I thought he would cry she has always been, along with Marilyn Monroe and Julie Christie, one of his all time idols!!

I had a word with Chris the owner of Vivo who said he was still improving the venue, which is already superb.  He is in the process of putting an additional stage on the rear terrace.  The bar/restaurant is huge and already offers a wide range of activities to keep everyone from little kids to oldies like myself amused it is a great place to go.

Part two commenced with Blues Brothers, Bollywood, a Tribute to Liza Minnelli, King and I, Moulin Rouge, Annie  …  the music just went on and on with everyone in the audience joining in.  The show is riotously funny, John and Barry (Bitter and Twisted) superb, the costumes outrageous.  I believe they are made by John and if that is correct he is not only good with the old sewing needle but what an imagination –I particularly loved the strippers outfit in Gypsy – brilliant.

Like the saying goes:  “Time passes quickly when you are enjoying yourself”, the show came to an uproarious end and sadly, it was time to leave.

To sum up: –  Decades goes to Hollywood is an extremely professional production.  Unlike many venues in Tenerife, Vivo Dinner Shows are performed in a theatre atmosphere on a proper stage with changing backdrops and excellent sound and lighting.  There are now two shows, which will run each week: Hollywood at weekends and starting Monday the original Decades show.  Personally, I think they are excellent value for money and can´t wait for my family to come and see them next time they are on the island.

But the night was not quite over, as we left Decades go to Hollywood, we wandered onto the terrace where Marc Craig is the resident singer and we enjoyed a final hour listening to his great voice while he performed a whole range of music from our youth up to the present day.

As this was a premier, in the style of all Hollywood premiers I would like to thank everyone for making this a wonderful evening.  As we finally made our way home, Barry Sparkle escorted us to our car – not much you may say but it is the little things that make Vivo and their staff special and create a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  So perhaps for his skill in putting everything together, the final credits go to Mark the manager, he obviously knows how to get the best from all who work for him.  Well done all at Vivo, or as the Italians would say Viva Vivo!!

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  1. kerri says:

    i agree i loved the show when we watched it last night, had me in stitches all night!!!!

  2. ashkitty says:

    Oh I wish I had seen your site before…would have enjoyed my trips to the island so much more

  3. Tricia says:

    once again a great review

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